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What weatherproof boxes do you (plan to) use

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I had dinner with one of you and discussions were varied and interesting. I don't normally start threads, so here goes:

There are all manner of boxes we see for mounting and housing various pieces like contactors, precharge stuff, etc.

We all struggle with a number of constraints in getting 10 pounds of our EV poop into a five pound box so having a wide variety of solutions for people to see and discuss might be useful.

This isn't for me, it's for everyone visiting the forum, present and future....I'm not even close to selecting this part yet.

What off-the shelf weatherproof solutions have you come across that would be suitable or that you (plan to) use to house things like contactors, fuse and terminal blocks, etc or act as a junction box?

Pic (bonus for measuring device or one standard Cavendish banana for size reference in the pic), size, cost, and place to buy would be nice. Already installed is as welcome as earmarked catalog pieces. Repurposed pieces from salvage cars also good.
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I like bud industries products. Here is an example of a recent model I used to house much of my protection and controls circuitry in my current build:

PTQ-11073-C Bud Industries | Boxes, Enclosures, Racks | DigiKey
Cantex 12 x 12 x 4 box worked well. UL & marine certified.

hope that helps.?
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This build wasn't intended to be waterproof, just perhaps "splash resistant"... Sides were made from a section of an H-beam (reclaimed metal from a manufactured home), and top was a sheet of stainless from ReStore, probably from some commercial kitchen or even bathroom... Note how I messed up holes repeatedly, wasn't having a good day at all :D

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