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With a lot of help from KennyBobby and Pdove, we've traced the schematics, have many repair tips, and have firmware modifications for the Elcon / TC chargers that have the NXP 8-bit P89LPC938 processor. Alas, these processors were obsoleted in late 2015. No-one seems to have stock of the processors. (Paul: did you happen to buy a tube of them, with some spares now? :eek: )

The above links are to the Australian Electric Vehicle Association copies, some with posts recovered from Google cache. As we all know, we can't trust the pages here.

Elcon still advertise PFC chargers. Are these the newer ones with the ARM processor?
Has anyone taken apart a 2016 or later model to see what processor is in there?
If it's the model that is basically the same layout but with the ARM processor, then presumably the schematics will still mostly apply, obviously with the exception of the area near the processor, but the firmware will be completely incompatible.

It seems to me that the 7-pin round connector implies the 8-bit processor, for which we have the schematics and firmware. Can anyone cite a counter example? If so, at least there is a way to find out if any particular charger is one that we know how to repair and modify the firmware of.
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