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Oh, me? I'm here to figure out the things that don't come easily.

I would like an electric car of some sort. Definitely a conversion, but what chassis, who knows?

I'm an R/C guy, with a better than idiot level of EE experience.

I've been doing r/c since I was.. uh.. 9. Melted connectors, burnt a MSC, fried ESC's and played with everything from 380 beer cans through 10 turn modified motors. And.. now.. I'm playing with the sensored BLDC motors that are common.

I can drive a transistor, I can chose to or chose not to blow up a LED, and I've built a switch mode power supply or two. I can read a Datasheet and use what I read.

I understand what power is..... and what a watt, watt hour, and a horsepower is.

Fine... So why am I here? For R/C, the solutions are easy. ESCs are cheap, and off the shelf. Batteries are easy, chargers are easy, and off the shelf. but that only gets me to around the 1hp level.

To drive a car, I really need 20hp. Ideally 70hp. For funsies, 200hp. I'm here to find out what's out there for driving motors at those power levels. And for how to properly build large battery packs, out of something other than lead or nickel formulations.

And so... I come to you. Where do I go? I'll post threads later :) Just last night I learned about the J1721 standard, which was the real boogeyman in my mind.
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