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I have no pricing set in mind.
Cool, that's awesome to be able to be that flexible. Sounds like you're in for a low-stress build.

It does make it really hard to give you useful or specific advice though, because then every possible combination of stuff could be an acceptable solution to you.

It's hard to guess what your values are, in terms of "without compromising quality", when you also have the constraint of "as cheap as possible". Those two don't reconcile against each other. If you don't define what that means for your context, it's hard to suggest what to do. Some people might define "quality" as "structurally sound is good enough", others might define it as "OEM parts and methodologies only, no shortcut taken, no expense spared". Are you the guy skimping on wire size to save a couple bucks because it's probably fine, or are you the guy wasting money on 1-in-a-million fault protections?

I think what would be best for anyone to be helpful to you, is to do most of the figuring out for yourself, and then to ask very specific questions based on what you decide. Chances are a bunch of replies are going to be "Are you sure you want to do that, that's a weirdly specific choice", but, at least for what it's worth we have the opportunity to be helpful.

Please do document your build here, the lifeblood of the forums are pics and details.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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