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I do not have the diagram for the Wheego. I found a Wheego in the junkyard, and pulled out all of the EV parts. Unfortunately, someone had already mutilated the harness in search of connectors. So,
I need that same diagram. I do know that error 14 is precharge failure (Internal capacitor volts less than pin 1 KSI voltage), and error 71 is internal OS error. Curtis documentation suggests a load attached to the B+ terminal might be pulling the voltage lower than the KSI, and removing that load and cycling KSI (key switch) should clear it. The internal OS fault has no troubleshooting steps listed in the Curtis Docs.

I know it has been a fair few months since you posted this, are you still tinkering with this project? I am also a new member, and have sourced these parts to convert my 1970 OPEL GT. I am hoping some kindhearted Wheego owner could help me out with some pictures from inside the motor top box so I can go about reverse engineering the aforementioned diagram.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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