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Hello, I just got a wheego whip and am having some issues. HELP! I can't go beyond 5mph. I have a red brake light on in the corner (if I play with/jiggle the e-brake it turns off but, another light comes on telling me to set the e-brake) and sometimes an orange ESC (could be wrong on initials) lights that comes on. I have checked batteries (12 - 9volt trojan batteries) and they are fully charging, but about 5 years old. I checked the wheel bearings and brakes to make sure nothing is being restricted. Anything you can think of, to check, would be great. I am super new to electric vehicles. I usually work with classic cars. I was told it will go up to 40mph. Where should I start. I can't find anything on this car, except the owner manual.

Thank you for your time and anything you could throw at me.

Trevor (Wheego)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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