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Wheel horse mower conversion

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With rising gas prices and the need for a backup mower I decided to find a mower for conversion.
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I found this not too far from me with a blown engine.
I checked engine when I got home and indeed it was severely damaged internally.
I disassembled for access to the frame and drive.
I sourced a DC motor with a shaft that would not require a lot of work to interface to existing PTO drive and pump drive pulley.
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This is a ME 1910 Permanent magnet motor that I used, 11 HP 25 peak HP at 48 volts.
I decided to not use a controller, motor runs 3300 rpm under load, speed is adjustable through transmission.
Green Wood Line Gas Plywood

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I had done critical measurements before removing old gas engine, and did a layout for new motor and PTO brackets
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Following a lot of measurements and fitting, I wedged 16 100ah batteries and motor into engine space.

The original idea was using old batteries that were on hand, 16 100 ah and 32 40 ah in series/parallel for 80 amps.
This was to be controlled with a/b switch to switch between battery banks.
Realized I didn’t have enough room for 32 more on top, a weight box setup will be built for the front.
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I used the old battery space for the electrical stuff, ended up “testing “ a 130 buck fuse by dropped cable into pack, expensive lesson.
Most of the project was from stuff on hand, so I added a cycle analyst as instrumentation.
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I wanted to be safe so I used safety switches, you must be in seat, brake set and PTO off in order to start motor. If off seat, start process must be repeated.
I knew hydro drive would use a lot of power and of course blades do as well.
Driving fast uses about 80 amps, mowing between 120-170 depending on speed and grass height. I can cut about 1 acre on current setup.

I still need to add second battery bank, and some minor other items
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