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Where can I get some old beat up lead acid batteries?

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Hi folks, I am trying to source some old 12v lead acid batteries for development work on my EV.
I won't be using them to actually move a car, I'll just be using them on my test rig to experiment on my motor and controller in my workshop, so I don't care if they are old and have only a fraction of the capacity they had when new. I'm hoping to get them for free as they are basically scrap.

I tried putting an ad on craigslist but haven't got any responses at all. Where else can I try for these? I am looking for at least 12 batteries as my system is 144 volts.

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Used batteries that work aren't cheap at all anymore.

The telephone recons can be found I have a 60v set you could have for $25:eek: each gel/agm styles.

I also have a 48v set of trojan T-875's you could have for $25 each they would be good enough to drive you a couple miles or so.

The best places to find them are places that fix golf carts or supply golf cart fleets or telecom companies.

You could also just go to any old place that takes car batteries and offer to buy them, they may sell you some, if they have 12v+ they are likely good enough to spin your motor a little and run your dash.

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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