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I'm beginning a project that I'm trying to keep on a budget, for the sake of my marriage, and am looking to see where I can cut costs. This is really a pencil sketch budget, but I'm wondering how accurate this is/and where do you think I can cut costs?

First a little about the project,

It's a 1609lbs car that I'll be putting a 9" ADC motor into. As far as I've gathered from a similar size and make vehicle it gets roughly 350wh/mile so I'm using that as my reference point. Hoping for around 40 miles of range.

So 350wh/m x 40 miles = 14000W or 14kwh

This thing really doesn't need to move quickly, so I'm thinking I can get away with a 96V system (is that crazy?)

so 14000W/96V = 145.83 x 1.32 = 189.5Ah

So a 96V system needing around 190Ah

So that's the setup, with that in mind, help me reduce this budget!

Coupling$150 (parts + labor)
Motor Plate (to mount to transmission)$120 (parts + labor)
Motor Mounts$150 (parts + labor)
Elcon DC/DC Converter 500W$233
Elcon Charger w/CANbus$400
Battery Readout$100
Nissan Leaf Batteries in a 12s4p configuration for 96V and not even 190Ah$1620
Electric Brake Booster Kit$170

Some things to note here, I also considered some other options for batteries, but they all seemed to be expensive. Even this one doesn't have the full Ah needed for that range I was looking for.

Some other things I'm curious about is a BMS, and how to monitor the charge of the battery pack. Can you use a SOC gauge without a BMS? You can't right? Also, this is excluding bus bars and a few other things

Any help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, this can help someone else map out a budget for a project as well!
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