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Which type

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Well if current means amps to you then great.. I have been wondering.. About
the different type of controllers.
As for the field.. Not sure what you mean.. The same contacts that your
power is connected to on the motor or
Is it a different contact point..??
Is the discharge rate the same on the 24 volts as your main power sorce or
do you use a dc to dc converter.

From: Michael Barkley
Date: 7/31/2007 8:19:16 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Type to use?

The reason I power my FIELD wiring separately from the
ARMATURE, is so that I have enough torque to start the
Car from a deadstop at an incline. When I powered the
Field and the armature all through the controller, the
Field was being pulsed just as the armature was, and
My controller was going into current overload and
Shuting down. It worked ok from flat terrain, but you
Give it just a little slope or a rock in the road, and
It would not move. So when it was suggested I power
The field with a separate power pack, and just use the
Controller to operate the armature with, it worked out
Great. All I needed on the FIELD is 24vdc, and now
Can shoot a 72+ power pack through the controller for
The armature of the motor. This setup is working out
Great on my car, which is a pretty big vehicle for an
Aircraft generator to push. I'm using an inline air
Blower to force cool air into the motor for cooling
Purposes also, maintaining around 170F at it's highest
Temp, with the ambient outside air temp being 98F or
Slightly higher at times.

You can limit your current in the programming of the
ALLTRAX controllers also.
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