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A response posted to the article says:
Before level 5 it is the 'driver' aka you. After level 5, why should it get a ticket?
Yes, if the thing is only semi-autonomous, there is still a driver who obviously is responsible and gets the ticket.

As for the remainder of the comment... that's idiotic. It will earn a ticket by violating a traffic law, which will certainly happen due to errors by the system.

The only remaining question is of who gets a ticket for operating an autonomous vehicle in violation of traffic laws. It is a valid question, because there are already owner infractions (an automated speed enforcement system catches a vehicle and the owner gets the ticket because the driver is not known), but they are not intended to cover violations which would be charged to the driver without autonomous operation. So... is the it owner, or the person responsible for the operation (the one who told it where to go and got in)? I vote for the person who decided to risk my safety by launching this thing onto public roads. I would be okay with impounding it until someone takes responsibility and gets the ticket.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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