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Who reprograms Zivan NG-3's?

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I am about to switch out my 156 volt lead acid batteries with 49 100ah Thunder Sky batteries. I need my NG-3 reprogrammed for the lithiums. Is there anyone besides Elcon that can do this?
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I don't think I want to jeopardize my new Lithium pack in the hopes that my programming efforts are correct. I was just hoping I could send it somewhere closer to home for the service.
I just sent my zivan out for the same reason to
It cost me $40 to ship from ME ,$75 +shipping back for the re program. The whole deal took less than two weeks. I have not tried the charger yet as my pack is not quite ready.Kimball
Thanks for the info. So I am looking at around $175 then.
You may be able to do better on shipping , I didn't pick the cheapest rate. I think the trip home cost 1/2 what I paid .I sent via USPS.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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