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Musk enables Starlink internet service in .ua

Elon Musk Makes an Important Gesture Toward Ukraine
2022/02/26 ... Tesla's CEO was challenged on Twitter by Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov ... by allowing Ukrainians access to Starlink, one of the fastest, most robust satellite internet systems, Musk and his company SpaceX make it impossible for Russia to disable the Ukrainian internet access fully without cyber attacking foreign data centers ...

Satellite internet terminals, sent by Elon Musk, arrive in Ukraine.
March 1, 2022 ... Starlink ... internet terminals sent by Elon Musk, which were designed to work with satellites orbiting in space to provide online access, had arrived in the country ...

Elon Musk Calls Ukrainian President Over Starlink’s Internet Access, but Won’t Cut Off Teslas in Russia
March 5, 2022 ... Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised Elon Musk on Saturday for making good on his promise to deliver free Starlink satellite internet service to his country, but there is one thing the billionaire won’t do for Zelenskyy — deactivate Teslas in Russia ...

Elon Musk Chooses His Side Between Russia and Ukraine
MAR 5, 2022 ... Tesla's CEO closely follows Russian invasion of Ukraine condemned around the world ...

Twitterati urges Elon Musk to deactivate all Teslas in Russia
2022-03-08 ...

As gasoline prices tick up in Arizona, stoked by war abroad, demand for electric vehicles could grow
2022/02/26 ... with a surge in new zero-emissions cars and trucks hitting the market this year and carmakers across the board planning to transition mainly to electric within the next couple of decades. That backdrop could support Arizona's nascent electric-vehicle manufacturing base and offset concerns such as where to find a charging station on extended trips ...

.cn pack bottleneck delaying Xpeng &Tesla EV deliveries

Chinese EV firms face new hurdle as battery supply bottleneck leads to delays in deliveries
27 Feb, 2022 ... Xpeng had to apologise to customers for delays in deliveries of P5 sedans due to insufficient battery supply ... Tesla asks buyers to wait for as long as four months before its vehicles are delivered ... The EV market is growing at a torrid pace that keeps beating estimates by assemblers and component suppliers ...

VW and Renault to Idle Some Car Plants on Russia-Ukraine Bottlenecks
25 Feb 2022 ... (Bloomberg) -- Factories operated by Volkswagen AG and Renault SA will suspend operations next week as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sends ripples across European supply chains. VW will halt production at its Zwickau and Dresden plants in eastern Germany for a few days in early March because of a shortage of parts made in Ukraine, including electric cable sets ... Zwickau is home to Europe’s biggest electric-car plant, with a capacity of about 330,000 vehicles a year ... Another plant, operated by Renault’s AvtoVaz venture in Togliatti in the south of the country, will halt production Monday on a shortage of semiconductors ...

BMW suspends production in key factories as Ukraine crisis hits parts supplies
2022-03-03 ...

Why BMW Stopped Making Cars In Russia And Halted Exports
2022-03-08 ... BMW joins a band of other automakers pulling out of Russia ...

Semiconductor Manufacturers Suspend Sales to Russia as Part of US Sanctions in Wake of Ukraine Invasion
Feb 28, 2022 ... The Washington Post reports that TSMC has suspended direct sales to Russia, as well as third-parties known to supply products to the company ...

War in Ukraine will Affect Car Supply, Prices
02/28/2022 ... some car factories in Europe have temporarily shut down due to lack of parts they ordinarily get from Ukraine. Few of the affected cars reach the U.S. market. But one we write about often is on hiatus. Volkswagen has stopped building its ID.4 electric vehicle ... the Zwickau, Germany, plant that builds the ID.4 depends on “a number of suppliers in western Ukraine.” It will close at least briefly while VW is “reviewing alternatives” to get the parts it needs ...

28 Feb 2022 ... Russian invasion has shut down auto factories, hit steel supplies and severed transportation routes ... Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is piling new troubles onto the world’s already battered supply chains. The fighting has shut down car factories in Germany that rely on made-in-Ukraine components and hit supplies for the steel industry as far as Japan. It has severed airways and land routes that had become crucial since the pandemic began gumming up sea trade ...

Lucid Motors Will Produce Fewer Cars Than Expected
The electric car start-up cited supply chain problems.
2022/02/28 ... Lucid Motors, a fledgling maker of electric cars, on Monday significantly scaled back its production goals for the year, citing supply chain problems ...

Skoda cuts Enyaq iV production due to Ukraine
2022-03-01 ... The supply chain problems of Volkswagen and Skoda have arisen because a number of suppliers are located in the western part of Ukraine ...

.ru invasion halts VW EV Production

VW Pauses EV Production At Two German Sites Following Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
MARCH 1, 2022 ... The VW Group currently builds the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, Audi Q4 e-tron and Cupra Born EVs at its Zwickau factory while the Dresden site also handles production of the ID.3. The Zwickau site is VW’s most important EV production location in Europe and normally produces around 1,200 EVs each day ... some suppliers in western Ukraine,” ... there may be disruptions in the supply chain.” ... that deliveries of electrical cable harnesses produced in Ukraine are among the components impacted ...

VW halts EV production in Germany as Ukraine crisis hits supplies
February 28, 2022 ... Deliveries of electrical cable harnesses produced in Ukraine have been hit by Russian invasion ... BERLIN -- Volkswagen will halt production this week at two electric car plants in Germany after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hit deliveries of components ...

How The War In Ukraine Is Affecting Volkswagen EV Production
2022/03/06 ... While Volkswagen doesn’t assemble their electric vehicles in Ukraine; a lot of the parts that make up their final product are imported from Ukraine ...

War in Ukraine halts electric car supply chains
Mar 1, 2022 ... The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not only having a devastating impact on the local population but is also affecting global supply chains. Missing parts are bringing assembly lines in Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic to a standstill ...

Hacked .ru EVSE display disses putin

'Putin is a di**head': Russian electric vehicle chargers are hacked to display message supporting Ukraine
2022/03/01 ... Chargers are on Russia's M-11 motorway that links Moscow and Saint Petersburg The hack was reportedly carried out by Ukrainian company that produced parts
Company left a back-door in charger's software allowing them to be accessed Messages displayed on the chargers included: 'GLORY TO UKRAINE, 'GLORY TO THE HEROES', 'PUTIN IS A DI**HEAD' and 'DEATH TO THE ENEMY ... flash video ...

Russian EV Chargers Hacked, Screen Reads "Glory To Ukraine!"
While areas around Ukraine get free Tesla Supercharging for all EVs, Russia's public chargers are being hacked.
2022/03/01 ... As you can see in the video above, the screen on the charging station has a message that reads "Slava Ukraini!," which reportedly translates to "Glory to Ukraine!" As YouTube channel The EV Universe points out, the Russian charging stalls were "attacked." ... flash video ...

Russian Electric Vehicle Chargers Hacked To Tell Users ‘Putin Is A D***head’
01 March 2022 ... Hackers have been stepping up their efforts to disrupt Russian infrastructure since the invasion of Ukraine began last week, with electric car owners being the latest target in an increasingly sophisticated cyber-war. Social media users have reported some charging stations along Russia's M11 motorway now display the message 'Putin is a d***head' ...

Equilibrium/Sustainability — Disabled chargers greet Russian EV drivers
03/01/22 ... AutoEnterprise, the Ukrainian company that built the main components for the charging station, left open a “back door” into the chargers' controllers, allowing hackers to take control remotely, the Russian energy company Rosetti wrote ...

Elon Musk Sends an Important Warning to Ukrainians
2022/03/01 ... Musk ... following the Russian war in Ukraine closely ... Ukrainians not to be cut off from the world and above all to continue to tell the world about their daily life in order to avoid Russian propaganda ... delivered bad news to many Ukrainians, by announcing that there was a high probability that Starlink terminals would be targeted by malicious actors. The goal of these hackers is to prevent Ukrainians from having access to an independent, fast and secure internet ...

Free 2use SuperEVSE for EVs Fleeing .ua

Tesla Has Made Supercharging EVs Free for People Fleeing Ukraine
MARCH 2, 2022 ... The service is available to all of Ukraine's 30,000 EVs, not just Teslas ... Musk, has made charging EVs free for those fleeing the war-torn country ... both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles can be charged at no cost in Poland (Trzebownisko), Slovakia (Košice) and Hungary (Miskolc and Debrecen) ...

Elon Musk's Tesla is offering free charging for electric vehicles in 4 cities around Ukraine for those fleeing the country
2022/03/01 ... Tesla is offering free EV charging in parts of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary that border Ukraine. The electric vehicle maker announced the news to local users in an email. An estimated 677,000 people have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries since the Russian invasion began on Thursday ...

.ua e-drone enthusiasts help recon .ru military

Ukrainian drone enthusiasts sign up to repel Russian forces
March 4, 2022 ... drones are a great tool for getting real-time data," ... Ukrainian drone experts ... teach operators how to protect their whereabouts ... small quadcopter e-drones ... chief goal would be recon ... Punisher &Spectre e-drones defend .ua

Ukraine's army is using a nimble 'game-changing' drone called The Punisher that has completed scores of successful missions against the Russians, say reports
Mar 5, 2022 ... The electric drones have a 7.5-foot wingspan and can fly for hours at 1,300ft and need only the coordinates of their target so they can carry out their mission automatically ... A smaller reconnaissance drone called Spectre flies alongside to identify targets before the Punisher strikes ... the drone is relatively small and light and is undetectable to radar ...

.ru invasion supply shortages causes ELMS EV layoffs

EV maker ELMS to lay off about 24% of employees
March 4, 2022 ... plan to terminate 50 employees ... the company, which is struggling with production due to supply chain hurdles ...

.ru invasion sets back cheaper Tesla EVs

Analysis-Ukraine invasion sets back Musk's dream for cheaper EVs, for now
March 7, 2022 ... SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Surging raw materials costs, made worse by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, could set back the dream of Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk and other auto executives to roll out more affordable electric vehicles. Rising prices of nickel, lithium and other materials threaten to slow and even temporarily reverse the long-term trend of falling costs of batteries, the most expensive part of EVs, hampering the broader adoption of the technology ... And that is on top of a supply chain already snarled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the global chip shortage. Rising raw material prices certainly have the potential to delay the timeline on cost parity between EV and ICE vehicles, which could hamper the wider adoption of EVs ... SLOWER EV ADOPTION Anything that adds to the cost will impede EV adoption ... That could put vehicle makers in a bind if they want to attract mainstream buyers ...

Russia's invasion of Ukraine puts a damper on dream of cheaper electric cars
March 7, 2022 ... in the context of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict ... it will take longer than expected for companies to achieve cost parity between electric vehicles and the internal combustion engine offerings ...

Nissan Cuts Off Russia
March 7, 2022 ... Nissan has also offered humanitarian aid to Ukraine as it cuts off exports and plans to stop production in Russia ... Nissan has suspended export of vehicles to Russia, and anticipates that production will stop soon at our plant in St. Petersburg ...

.ru invasion causes global economic dangers

Economic dangers from Russia's invasion ripple across globe
March 2, 2022 ... Russia also is a major producer of nickel, used to produce electric car batteries and steel. “It’s impossible for supply chains to catch up ...

Nickel price spike during Russia-Ukraine conflict could drive up EV costs
2022-03-03 ... Sanctions are potential boon for China ...

London Metal Exchange suspends nickel trading after contract soars to $100,000 a tonne
2022-03-08 ... Demand for high-grade nickel was already set to outstrip supply this year because of the increasing popularity of electric vehicles ...

Local auto shops prepare for impact of supply issues from Russia-Ukraine conflict
2022-03-07 ... Ukraine and Russia produce a great deal of the raw materials needed for batteries and other important parts for electric vehicles ... affects the customer who wants to buy that electric car ... flash video ...

.ua 's used EV imports helps w/ .ru invasion fuel shortages

Why Ukraine Was a Massive Importer of Used Electric Cars?
3 Mar 2022 ... Ukraine saw a great opportunity with second-hand electric cars. In 2016, the country eliminated customs duty and, in 2018, VAT, which would be equivalent to a sales tax in the U.S. That made used EVs a bargain. Ukrainians began importing the Chevy Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF, Fiat 500e, and almost all Tesla products ...

Tesla EV Camp Mode provides .ua shelter &goods storage

Russia-Ukraine conflict: How Tesla EVs are helping Ukrainians during crisis
2022-03-08 ... A recent Facebook post by a Tesla EV owner in Ukraine highlights how the vehicle's Camp Mode is providing some people shelter and place to store their goods ...

Tesla “Camp Mode” and other features become indispensable for Ukraine EV owners
March 7, 2022 ... electric cars have become indispensable in the Ukrainian capital. Since fuel is scarce, EVs have become an ideal form of transportation. Teslas in particular, due to their features such as Camp Mode, have “become a home for many.” The EV supporter shared various images of Teslas across the country, some of which were holding supplies, food, and even armaments in their storage areas ... members of the Tesla Klub Polska have driven down to the Ukraine border to help out refugees from the besieged country. So far, reports have indicated that Tesla Klub Polska members have shared first aid, food, and supplies with refugees. Some members also transported 16 Ukranian refugees into billets in Poland ...

Immediate supply chain disruption

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a long-term risk for the automotive supply chain
08 March 2022 ... The impacts stretch beyond inflation and corporate retreats to critical shortages upstream for semiconductor and EV supply ... Component, material and energy supply chains were already in a fragile recovery phase following disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent semiconductor shortages. The Ukraine crisis has severely compounded those difficulties. It has impacted vehicle production not only in the Ukraine and in Russia but has also destabilised supply of components for other factories in other parts of Europe and beyond – with other risks as well in the upstream supply chain ...

ANAIG Quick ANJ3000 10kWh .cn nEV @ iphone co$t r:70km

The cheapest electric car in Ukraine is sold at the price of a new iPhone 13
March 8, 2022 ... ANAIG Quick ANJ3000 received two lead batteries with a total capacity of 10.8 kWh. It has a claimed range of 70 km and a full charge from home power takes about 8 hours. In China, there is also a version of the electric car with lithium batteries and a range of 90 km, but it is not currently sold in Ukraine ...

In my daily EV news wire searches, I come across several
types of items. The good/positive ones I edit for posting as
part of my weekly EV List News posts. I focus my posts
to be a positive source of EV information.

The covid lock-downs put a serious kibosh on EV production.
The .ru invades .ua and its .ru financial lock-down has
also had a slow down, or stopping of EV production. And
some EV startups are closing.

This post is to show what is going on, so the public can be
made aware why EVs are unavailable, delayed, not as
easy to obtain. Also, some items are how EVs are used
to survive or fight the .ru invasion of .ua .

For EV List News posts view:
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Perfect Time & Terrible Time for EVs

It’s a Perfect Time for EVs. It’s a Terrible Time for EVs
MAR 15, 2022 ... Gas prices are up, commutes are back, and Russian oil is under sanction. Too bad the electric vehicle industry isn’t ready to seize the moment ... it sure would
be a nice time to own an electric vehicle. A bunch of people apparently agree. The car-shopping company Edmunds says that searches for hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electric vehicles jumped nearly 40 percent over the past month—up 18 percent in the first week of March alone. Environmentalists
and security wonks are in ...

Can't order Mach-E EV you want, but can get dealer's stock +

Ford Has a Good Problem That Tesla and GM Will Envy
MAR 7, 2022 ... Ford is no longer taking orders for two versions of the Mach-E electric SUV ... is therefore unable to meet all of this demand ... "We have seen unprecedented demand" ... stopped taking orders for these two versions of the Mach-E SUV ... customers may work with their dealers to buy a Mach-E from stock ... continues to battle the semiconductor chip shortage and other supply constraints, in addition to unexpectedly high demand ...

Dealers can't sell EVs they do not have

Dealers cannot sell electric vehicles they do not have
2022/03/08 ... Ford had to pause taking orders on the electric version of its popular F150 pick-up truck in December because it could not keep up with demand. Most of the advertised cars won’t be obtainable in the US for months to come. Even in Europe, where EV manufacturers have been ramping up for longer, wait times of 9 to 12 months for popular models are not uncommon ...

Ford Shuts Down Orders

Ford Shuts Down Orders on Two 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Trims
MAR 7, 2022 ... Orders have closed for the Premium and California Route 1 grades, with Ford citing high demand and saying it's concentrating on fulfilling current customer orders ...

First COVID, now Russia's .ua war/invasion is dashing EVs

First COVID, now war: Russia's invasion of Ukraine is dashing hopes of more affordable electric cars
2022/03/08 ...

Ni price surge threatens EVs

Nickel’s price surge could threaten automakers’ ambitious electric-vehicle plans
MAR 8 2022 ... Russia is a key supplier of nickel. Prices have surged since its invasion of Ukraine. Nickel is a critical ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries used in most electric vehicles. Automakers and investors will have to rethink EV plans if nickel supplies are constrained ... flash video

$40k EV?, get-serious

Hyundai And Kia Get Serious About Affordable Electric Cars
MAR 9, 2022 ... Hyundai Motor Group already offers two stellar electric cars, the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the 2022 Kia EV6. But at $43,650 and $40,900, respectively, we can understand why some buyers aren't rushing out to trade in their aging gas-guzzler ...

EVs already spoken for before they reach dealers +

Gas prices are spiking — don’t expect sales of electric vehicles to follow
MAR 9 2022 ... Consumers hoping to switch to an all-electric or more fuel-efficient vehicle, while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushes gas prices to record highs, will largely be out of luck.
A combination of supply chain problems, pent-up demand and record-low vehicle inventory levels means many new cars and trucks, including EVs, are already spoken for before they reach dealers lots. Customers face months, if not years, of wait time to purchase EVs.

Porsche Suspends Production

Porsche Suspends Production of Its Popular Electric Sports Car
MAR 9, 2022 ... Porsche is suspending production of its electric Taycan model at the car maker's Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant due to a lack of components caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine ... flash video

EV prices rise

Electric car prices can rise even with higher fuel prices
March 9, 2022 ... like the United States Gas prices have reached record levels In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine It seems that electric cars may not be a safe haven for those looking to save money. That’s because Russia plays a significant role in the production of nickel that ends up in the batteries used by many electric cars – a metal in prices Even faster than oil ...

2nd hand Tesla prices increasing

Secondhand Tesla prices are shooting up as petrol prices and new car wait times blow out
MARCH 9, 2022 ... Owners of second hand electric vehicles, and even holders of pre-orders for new EVs, are finding opportunities in making small profits as demand for EVs rises amid a supply crunch that is seeing wait times for new vehicles blow out to months, or even years ... The situation is being compounded by supply chain issues and the global semiconductor shortage that is seeing the increase in demand for electric vehicles also being met with increasing wait times as carmakers struggle to keep up ...

Taycan Production Halted

Porsche Taycan Production Halted Due To Components Shortage
Mar 09, 2022 ... The parts supply issue spreads in Europe to more brands ... Russia's invasion of Ukraine amplifies the parts supply issues and adds some new ones, which forces many car plants to stop production ...

Porsche Taycan electric car production paused amid Ukraine conflict
10 March 2022 ... Australian supply of the electric sedan could be affected by the factory shutdown ...
Volkswagen-owned sports car maker Porsche has been forced to press pause on production of its Taycan electric sedan, as conflict in Europe triggers new logistical challenges and compounds existing supply shortages. The four-door is built at a factory in the southwest German city of Stuttgart, and under normal circumstances an estimated 110 examples leave the facility each day (based off an annual production figure of 40,000) ...

.ua a producer of EV cables &connectors

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Dampen EV Ambitions Of Tesla, Ford And Others: FT
March 09, 2022 ... Russia's attack on Ukraine has highlighted concerns about oil dependency and petrol prices just as EV manufacturers look to deliver a wide range of greener cars, Financial Times reports. Ukraine is a significant producer of the miles of cables and connectors that power many cars' electrical systems. Russia's importance as the crucial rare earth minerals provider will be a significant headwind. Russia Impact - London Metal Exchange Suspends Nickel Trading After 250% Price Spike An extraordinary surge in oil prices could prove to be a significant demand trigger for EVs. However, it could also cause a supply crisis. The global semiconductor shortage and shipping delays have affected inventory levels. Additionally, crucial components for batteries have extended lead times. Ford, Stellantis, and Honda shared ambitious plans to speed up EV production. At the same time, Tesla won permission to open a new battery factory in Europe. Due to the supply crisis and longer waiting times, higher prices could also discourage the new EV buyers There is also a possibility of a demand correction once the oil prices stabilize ...

EVs Are A Blessing For Peace

Russian Scientist: Limited Range Of Electric Vehicles A Blessing For Peace
March 9, 2022 ... I’m a Russian scientist writing a large book about the past, present, and future of electric vehicles. I’m supposed to avoid discussing the present days, but I hope it would be nothing criminal if I would remember the past and dream about the future ...

Tesla-Y .de EVs delivery date

Tesla confirms delivery date for first Berlin-made Model Y electric crossovers
MARCH 10, 2022 ... Tesla will deliver the first Berlin-made Model Y electric crossovers to customers at an official delivery event on March 22, 2022, it has been confirmed. Confirmation of the event – after Tesla finally received approval to begin production of the Model Y at its Grünheide gigafactory on Friday (after a string of conditions were met) – came in an invitation sent to Berlin employees ...

.cn Geely sales undermined by key parts shortage

Great Wall, Geely sales undermined by key parts shortage
March 10, 2022 ... Great Wall blames sales slide on tight component shipments from Robert Bosch, the exclusive supplier of electronic stability programs for its top-selling models ...

Higher fuel cost$ = more EV orders

Fuel Prices Push People To Buy Electric Vehicles, Tesla Sees 100% Order Rate Increase
10 Mar 2022 ...

Tesla soaring raw material prices & supply-chain disruptions

Tesla Has Some Very Bad News for EV Buyers
March 10, 2022 ... Elon Musk's company, like the rest of the auto industry, is facing soaring raw material prices and worsening supply-chain disruption ...

Musk sez Hold Strong Ukraine

Tesla and Elon Musk Make Major New Gestures to Ukraine
MAR 10, 2022 ... Tesla's CEO has already shown his solidarity with Ukraine after Russia invaded the country ... the electric-car tycoon was asked by the Ukrainian authorities to help the country stay on the internet after Russia's Feb. 24 invasion of the country ...

Tesla Paying .ua Employees Fighting Against .ru For 3Mos

Tesla Will Pay Ukrainian Employees Fighting Against Russia For Three Months
03/10/22 ... Tesla said it will pay Ukrainian employees for up to three months if they are drafted to fight for their country in the war against Russia ...

ELMS Sec Probe> Warns of Cash Crunch

Electric Last Mile Discloses Sec Probe, Warns of Cash Crunch
March 11, 2022 ... Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. said it’s under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ... in 2021 that Electric Last Mile had pre-orders for 45,000 e-vans ...

Rivian e-van Supply Snafus

Amazon’s Rivian Vans Run Into Supply Snafus
MARCH 11, 2022 ... The misses continue to mount for Irvine electric vehicle startup and Amazon last-mile partner Rivian Automotive. The Irvine, Calif.-based company, which went public in November and is seen as a competitor to Tesla, reported disappointing fourth-quarter results Thursday, missing on targets and slashing its production estimate for the year in half as parts shortages due… subscription

Tesla Powerwall "How-To" Video For .ua

Tesla Reportedly Makes Powerwall "How-To" Video For Ukrainians
Mar 11, 2022 ... Tesla sent expensive Powerwall home battery systems to Ukraine for use as mobile power stations ... The unlisted YouTube "Mobile Powewall setup" video discovered by Electrek appears to have been made by Tesla, or at least by someone working alongside the electric automaker. Regardless of the official source, the video should prove very helpful to Ukraine amid these dark times ... flash video

Tesla produces video showing how to use Powerwall as mobile power station after sending a load of them to Ukraine
Mar. 11th 2022 ... a team at Gigafactory Berlin packaging the Starlink terminals sent to Ukraine and adding Powerwalls ...

... tesla-sends-powerwalls-to-ukraine ...
03/10/22 ...

Elon Musk Sends Tesla Powerwalls, More Starlink Terminals To Ukraine
Mar 10, 2022 ... Tesla also told Ukrainians that if they have to fight for their country, they will receive pay for at least three months ...

Tesla Will Pay Ukrainian Employees Fighting Against Russia For Three Months
03/10/22 ...

War could have worse impact than pandemic

Volkswagen says Ukraine war could have worse impact than pandemic
March 11, 2022 ... Interruptions to supply chains “could lead to huge price increases” and “scarcity of energy and inflation”.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could have worse implications for the automotive industry and Europe’s economy than the pandemic ...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a long-term risk for the automotive supply chain
08 March 2022 ... The impacts stretch beyond inflation and corporate retreats to critical shortages upstream for semiconductor and EV supply ...

Governments divided over Russia sanctions

War in Ukraine: How Asian economies are divided over Russia sanctions
March 11, 2022 ... only a few governments in Asia have taken tough action against Moscow. China has refused to outright condemn the invasion of Ukraine and has not imposed any sanctions on Russia. India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos and Mongolia also sat out the vote on a United Nations' resolution to demand the end of Russia's military operations in Ukraine ...

Renault standing ties with .ru

Renault said to be reluctant to leave Russia over costs
March 12, 2022 ... wants to avoid the nationalization of its majority-owned automaker, AvtoVAZ ... Renault has kept long-standing ties with Russia intact despite the war in Ukraine because it's worried about the high cost of pulling out from a venture with a local partner ...

Hitting back at Russia

Hitting back at Russia - an energy perspective
Mar 12, 2022 ... Energy and foreign policy are inextricably linked. As Russian tanks cross borders in Eastern Europe it’s worth examining how energy is influencing events and considering the opportunities we have as Americans to strengthen our global position. First, it’s important to remember that energy requires infrastructure, and infrastructure is notoriously slow to build. Fast changes in the energy industry are not always possible, but with armed conflict and crisis happening now, strategic short and long-term goals must be identified and we should be working toward them with urgency.

Hitting back at Russia - an energy perspective
Mar 12, 2022 ... Energy and foreign policy are inextricably linked. As Russian tanks cross borders in Eastern Europe it’s worth examining how energy is influencing events and considering the opportunities we have as Americans to strengthen our global position. First, it’s important to remember that energy requires infrastructure, and infrastructure is notoriously slow to build. Fast changes in the energy industry are not always possible, but with armed conflict and crisis happening now, strategic short and long-term goals must be identified and we should be working toward them with urgency ...

Stick it to Putin

Robert Miller: Want to hurt Putin? Go green
March 12, 2022 ... Get your house checked for energy efficiency. Use mass transit. Telecommute from home. Get solar panels on your roof. This is because all these things — thought of as tree-hugging environmental stuff — touch on global energy markets ...

'Free .ua' wrapped Tesla-3 EV in .uk

Tesla Model 3 Owner Supports Ukraine with Custom Wrap [PICS]
March 13, 2022 ... According to David F. from Edinburgh, United Kingdom on Facebook, he has shared pictures of his Model 3 with a custom ‘Free Ukraine’ wrap, turning the Tesla into the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The Skinz wrap was donated and sponsored by AJP Logistics ...

How Long Is F-150 e-truck Wait?

How Long Is the Wait for a Ford F-150 Lightning?
March 13, 2022 ... The Ford F-150 Lightning is a groundbreaking new electric vehicle. The electric pickup truck is already a huge hit among consumers despite not even being available at dealers yet ... How long is the wait for a Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck? ... The Ford F-150 Lightning is already backlogged ...

Queue at .ua superEVSE station

Ukraine-Russia war: Viral video shows long queue at Tesla supercharging station
Mar 14, 2022 ... Elon Musk earlier announced making several Supercharger stations near the Ukrainian borders free to use for both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles ... A viral video now shows a long queue at one of the Tesla Supercharging Station with many Tesla EV owners waiting for their turn to come. The facility is a big one with multiple Superchargers ...

EV/mi cheaper than ice/mi> fox lies (again)

No, it’s not cheaper to fill a gas-powered vehicle than charge an electric one
March 14, 2022 ... VERIFY found that it costs about 17 cents to drive one mile in an average gas-powered vehicle versus roughly 5 cents to drive one mile in an electric vehicle ... An article from Fox Business, which claims that filling a car with gas can be cheaper than charging an electric vehicle, is also making the rounds on social media ...

EVs you can buy in South Africa

All the electric cars you can buy in South Africa
15 March 2022 ... Leaf was the first fully-electric car launched in South Africa ... BMW made its play with the launch of the compact BMW i3 ... the Jaguar i-Pace made its debut ... range of up to 470km ... Porsche brought its high-performance Taycan models ... The Mini Cooper SE then made its entry ... the soft launch of the Volvo XC 40 P8 Recharge, which sold out quickly ... BMW bringing ... the iX SUV ...

Tesla raises prices

Tesla raises prices for second time in days on rising costs
March 15, 2022 ... BEIJING, March 15 (Reuters) - Tesla raised its prices in China and the United States for the second time in less than a week, after CEO Elon Musk said the U.S. electric carmaker was facing significant inflationary pressure in raw materials and logistics. The increases come as costs of raw materials are surging, exacerbated by supply chain disruptions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine ...

War's Impact on EVs

EV Markets Feel the Impact of War
March 15, 2022 ... Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will affect adoption of plug-ins and EVs ... The elephant in the room here is that most popular EV models are supply-constrained. Many have wait lists of six months or longer, so it’s not clear how much additional demand can be met. Tesla looks uniquely well positioned, with huge new capacity increases coming online imminently. By the end of the year, Tesla will likely be producing more EVs from its new Texas plant alone than General Motors and Ford make combined ...

Direct EV sales =what the public wants &what Auto dealers don't

Direct-To-Consumer EV Enthusiasts Try Again
March 15, 2022 ... Supporters of legalizing direct-to-consumer sales of certain electric vehicles in Connecticut made their case before the legislature’s Transportation Committee ... arguing it was time to pass a long-debated exception for companies like Tesla or Rivian. Connecticut law requires auto manufacturers to sell vehicles through franchise dealerships. For years, electric-only manufacturers like Tesla and, more recently, Rivian and Lucid have sought an exemption. The bill has stalled in the past under lobbying efforts by Connecticut dealerships ...

Foxconn Deal on the ropes

Clock Ticking on Foxconn Deal
March 15, 2022 ... LORDSTOWN, Ohio – A proposed partnership between Lordstown Motors Corp. and ... Foxconn is still on the ropes, as the clock ticks toward a deadline of April 30 to reach a make-or-break deal for the local electric-vehicle startup ... CEO ... resigned ... cashed out more than $19 million worth of ...

Tesla delays

Tesla delays over $1 bln bond sale backed by auto leases ...
March 16, 2022 ... Bond sales in the United States have ground to a halt after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, adding to challenges the funding market is already facing as global central banks tighten monetary policies due to surging inflation ...

War dents EV output

BMW warns Ukraine crisis will dent output
16 MARCH 2022 ... Carmaker’s production at some German plants affected by supply chain bottlenecks ... BMW halted or slowed production at some German plants after the invasion due to supply chain bottlenecks, but will be back to full production next week, production chief Milan Nedeljkovic said. Production of the Mini in Oxford remains suspended ...

Mineral disruption could slash EV production

COBALT WARS: Just When You Thought Electric Cars Were Going to Save Us…
Mar 16, 2022 ... The global energy transition will be bumpy to say the least with the Russian invasion of Ukraine adding additional roadblocks as well as incentives. Electric vehicles are a key facet of the transition, and the disruptions to key minerals supply could slash EV production targets ...

Supply Chain Risks

Key Supply Chain Risks from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
3/17/2022 ... Both Russia and Ukraine are important suppliers of commodities, agricultural goods and manufactured goods to the global economy. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and resultant economic sanctions will have negative impacts on supply chains and are likely to impact a wide array of industries, ranging from food products to hi-tech goods. In addition, the invasion adds further pressure to the global logistics and transportation network ...

Kremlin’s war buckle .eu industry

Car-makers buckle as Kremlin’s war hits European industry
3/17/2022 ... Kremlin’s war on Ukraine is dealing another blow to Europe’s car manufacturers, already reeling from the pandemic and the global chip shortage. Wire harnesses, about 5km of an organised set of wires, terminals and connectors that run throughout the entire vehicle and relay information and electric power are the main components coming from Ukraine. With Ukraine representing the source country for 7%-11% of all imported wire harnesses into the EU, European car manufacturers already started looking for alternative sourcing before the war. Yet, it is likely to take between three and six months before alternative sourcing coming from Northern Africa (Morocco and Tunisia) as well as the Western Balkans (Serbia and North Macedonia) is fully scaled up, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) told EURACTIV ...

Ukraine war spurs decline

Ukraine war spurs decline of the affordable car
3/17/2022 ... Automakers scale back production amid shift to electric vehicles ... Affordable compact and subcompact cars were already in short supply before Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Faced with a chronic shortage of semiconductors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturers prioritised production of higher-end vehicles, helping the likes of Mercedes-Benz and VW post bumper profits despite selling millions fewer cars overall ...

Oil producers worried public will buy EVs due to gas prices

Experts are predicting a spike in electric vehicle purchases and oil producers are not happy
March 19, 2022 ... The inflation of petrol prices amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked fear within oil producers, because they believe it could encourage people to buy electric vehicles. It just breaks your heart doesn’t it. A bunch of the richest people in the world, collectively fearing that they might be slightly less disgustingly rich in a few years ...

Putin crisis Surges EV Progress

Putin Aggression Leads to Surge in Electrical Vehicle Progress in Europe
March 19, 2022 ... While EV prices have jumped momentarily because of the crisis, it may cause governments to give more incentives over the medium term to escape dependence on Russia ...

fmc overwhelmed, oversubscribed, EVs are sold out for years

March 20th, 2022 ... Ford CEO Says Automaker Sold Out Of Electric Vehicles For Years?
DEARBORN – Ford CEO Jim Farley on stage for a CERAWeek energy conference discussion streamed live March 10 told the startled moderator that Ford is sold out of electric vehicles for the next couple of years. The very popular Mustang Mach-E ... “It’s totally sold out. We’re just completely overwhelmed. I mean, we have the chip supply thing, that makes it worse. But we’re completely oversubscribed,” he said. “Actually, in all of our electric vehicles, we are sold out for a couple years now. So we’re very fortunate that we made that choice to go into those passion products.” ...

% Comments: .ru invasion has turned the economic world on its
ear, causing more supply disruptions to EV makers. Much of the
newswire' hand wringing tone has changed to finding which
countries/governments are: against or support .ru war, or which
are ignoring sanctions to be opportunists buying now cheap .ru
oil (i.e.: india, china, +others) ...

... which fund$ .ru to prolong the war's suffering, deaths, destruction, etc. (and exacerbates EV production issues).

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vw eyes .ua war production disruption

Volkswagen eyes U.S. market as war in Ukraine disrupts European production.
March 16, 2022 ... Volkswagen is shifting its focus toward North America, as the fallout from Russia’s attack on Ukraine caused more supply chain headaches for the company in Europe ... Volkswagen was “shifting car production to regions such as China and the Americas” to help compensate for the disruptions in Europe and fill a backlog of orders. Last year a shortage of semiconductors that plagued the industry contributed to a 6.3 percent drop in sales for Europe’s largest carmaker ...

.ua Auto Parts Disruption Stops EV Factories

Ukrainian Auto Parts Supply Disruption Stops Car Factories
Mar 16, 2022 ... A wiring assembly station at a Draexlmeier plant in Tunisia illustrates the complexity of manufacturing wiring harnesses for modern vehicles ... As a low-wage country, Ukraine was a big source of labor-intensive car parts like wiring harnesses ...

.ua war having a serious effect

2022-03-17 ... The war and sanctions against Russia are already having a serious effect on energy prices, raw materials and agricultural goods, and on top comes the disruption of the automotive supply chain due to logistical challenges and production stops related to operations on the West Ukrainian border, according to an S&P press release. “With the March forecast release, we removed 2.6 million units from our 2022 and 2023 outlook, but the downside risk is enormous. Our worst case contingency shows possible reductions up to 4 million units for this and next year,” Mark Fulthorpe, Executive Director for global production forecasting S&P Global Mobility, said in the release ...

.ua war slows EV sales

How the War in Ukraine Could Slow the Sales of Electric Cars
March 18, 2022 ... Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world marketplace for nickel simply as the metallic good points significance as an ingredient in electrical automobile batteries, elevating fears that prime costs may gradual the transition away from fossil fuels ...

Bad-news> BMW iX1 EV not for the US market

We've Got Bad News About The BMW iX1 EV
MAR 20, 2022 ... BMW will not be bringing its all-electric iX1 to the US ... a baby brother to the BMW iX3 - also not for the US market - we got our first look of the iX1 in November of 2020. Back then we expected the iX1, which is being constructed in Regensburg, Germany, to arrive on US soil in late 2023 or early 2024. BMW has not made any official statement ... it could be due to its limited driving range, or the fact that BMW wants to fully focus its efforts on the iX before pushing its smaller EV cars ...

EV Cost$ Going Up

Electric Vehicle Cost May Go Up Due To Russian Invasion
One study predicts that it could cost manufacturers up to $8,000 more to make an EV battery pack by the end of 2022.
Mar 21, 2022 ... Russia’s invasion has has already made fuel prices go up, but electric cars will not be unaffected. The ever rising cost of raw materials is to blame, according to a new report published by S&P Global Mobility, which sees a clear link between the conflict and the the upward price trend of some elements that are vital for the construction of EVs ...

EV Reservation holders must wait for delivery

Reservation holders for electric vehicles must wait months for new vehicles to be delivered.
March 22, 2022 ... Customers can place a pre-order for a vehicle ... and the automaker will contact them to confirm the reservation (usually with a deposit) ... (EVs) are especially vulnerable to long waitlists due to the ongoing chip shortage, as the industry deals with production that is already limited and moving at a slower pace than expected. To make matters worse, gas prices are at all-time highs ... Customers who have reserved EVs are understandably more anxious than the general public, as they await the chance to save money on routine fill-ups ...

Graphite sources for EV production

Why Are Tesla, Volkswagen And Nio Scrambling For Graphite?
Mar 22, 2022 ... GM ... BrightDrop ... to capture a key share of the burgeoning delivery market, with plans to sell electric vans and services to commercial delivery companies

ua invasion affect on .tw EV chip supply

Taiwan chipmaker Winbond sees ‘long-term’ impact from Russian invasion of Ukraine
23 Mar 2022 ... Winbond has thus targeted three growth areas: electric vehicles, smart agriculture—two areas that deal with global warming—and cybersecurity. The chairman said his company will increase investment in these areas “as the direction [of these trends] will not change due to geopolitical tensions or market downturns.” ...

vw Zwickau &Dresden plants' id4 .de EV output .ua disrupted

VW resumes output at Slovakia plant that builds Porsche, VW and Audi large SUVs
March 23, 2022 ... the automaker factories in Zwickau and Dresden, which build ID electric cars, will take longer to get back to normal. The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has caused disruptions at some auto assembly plants and prompted companies to suspend shipments to Russia, affecting virtually all automakers across Europe ...

Good luck finding an EV to buy

Gas prices got you wanting an electric or hybrid car? Well, good luck finding one
March 25, 2022 ... finding an electric vehicle is also tough, despite the rising interest ...

vw resumes EV production

Volkswagen ID.5 EV Delayed Due To Ukraine Wiring Harness Shortage
Mar 25, 2022 ... VW just announced it will resume production at its Germany EV factories next week, but there are still supply chain issues ... Volkswagen's EV production delays in Germany. Now, while the company said it's set to restart production next week, slightly ahead of schedule, it will have to delay the ID.5 electric vehicle for at least a month ... VW ... brand's special task force has successfully figured out the supply chain logistics related to the situation in Ukraine ...

Want to buy a new EV? > long wait from high demand

Want to buy a new EV in Southern California? Expect a long wait as demand, gas prices surge
March 25, 2022 ... Dealers are scrambling to keep up with demand as buyers seek relief from the gas pump ... dealership typically has about 1,500 new cars and 400 used models on hand. But not now. “Today we’ve got 50 to 100 new cars and less than 200 used ones,” ... “When gas prices really started to shoot up two weeks ago, our orders reached a higher level than we’ve ever seen.” ...

.ua invasion having a cascading effect on EV production

The Many Reasons You Can’t Buy an Electric Car Anymore
March 25, 2022 ... EV sales have slowly ramped up as people become familiar with the change. Wanting to be ahead of the trend, or because they want to lessen their carbon footprint, many have adopted to the shift. The early adopters have been large enough to have bought existing supplies. Sales of EVs in 2021 doubled those of 2020, worldwide ...

EV delays from Auto Execs who Can’t Make Up Their Minds

Are Electric Cars Good Or Bad? Auto Execs & Politicians Can’t Make Up Their Minds
2022/03/26 ... auto execs talk about electric cars these days ... how their companies are “all in” on the EV revolution, and how much it will benefit our grandchildren ... Audi CEO ... say: “E-mobility is by far the most efficient way to defossilize. This is why we are expanding our portfolio to over 20 models by 2026.” ... But… recall an Audi CEO ... said, in July 2020, that ICE vehicles “will be alive for a very long time. This is why we continue to invest massively in the development of combustion engines.” ...

Higher EV prices accelerated by the Russian .ua invasion

Elon Musk will create a new battery to prevent electric cars from stopping
March 26, 2022 ... The Tesla founder wants to stop using lithium because of its scarcity, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has highlighted dependence on Western countries. Elon Musk said he is working on a new battery that aims to solve the current raw materials crisis affecting the industry. An inevitable crisis because of The scarcity of these materials on earth. The rise in the manufacture of electric cars led to higher prices in the international markets, which were accelerated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine ...

.au doesn’t have enough EVs 4sale

Sold out: why Australia doesn’t have enough electric vehicles to go around
2022/03/27 ... Waiting lists of thousands, cars selling out in seconds – welcome to the frustrating world of the Australian EV buyer ... set an alarm on his phone so he wouldn’t miss out on a limited release of electric vehicles, but by the time he jumped online to buy one they had sold out ... In six and a half minutes, all 109 of Hyundai’s electric SUVs had sold – 18,000 Australians had registered their interest. “You’ve just got to keep on trying and get in there straight away, which seems ridiculous when you’re purchasing an Au$80,000 car,” Holding says of the second time he tried to beat the queue to buy Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 EV ...

Leopard shuts-down .in mercedes plant

Leopard walks in, shuts down a Mercedes-Benz plant
March 28, 2022 ... the threat of an invading leopard. A Mercedes-Benz factory in Pune, India, was forced to halt production for a few hours when a wayward jungle cat wandered into the facility ... When the 3-year-old male leopard was spotted inside the manufacturing unit of the factory, it caused a panic among workers, according to a release by rescue organization Wildlife SOS discovered by The Drive. The site was shut down for about six hours as a Wildlife SOS rapid response team from the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre and the State Forest Department safely removed the curious cat ...

EV precious-metals market goes haywire

Russia’s War in Ukraine Reveals a Risk for the EV Future: Price Shocks in Precious Metals
March 28, 2022 ... After the nickel market goes haywire, the United States and its allies launch a critical minerals energy security plan, with stockpiling an option ... Russia’s war on Ukraine has roiled global commodities markets—including those for nickel and other metals used in EV batteries—and laid bare how vulnerable the world is to price shocks in the metals essential to the EV future. That volatility comes on top of the pandemic-triggered supply chain woes that have dogged the auto industry for months ...

.us war-powers used improve the shortage of EV raw materials

Biden to invoke Cold War powers to boost production and tackle global supply shortage
Mar 30, 2022 ... JOE BIDEN is poised to trigger Cold War powers in a bid to ramp up the production of crucial materials needed to produce batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), among other things ... The US President has been tipped to invoke these powers to help boost the US' domestic production of the critical minerals required for these batteries. The Biden Administration is reportedly mulling over adding battery materials to the list of items covered by the 1950 Defense Production Act, Bloomberg News reports ... Harry Truman, who was US President from 1945 to 1953, also triggered the same act to boost the production of steel during the Korean War ... the shortage of raw materials of materials such as nickel, zinc, copper, is expected to further impact downstream global supply chains and cause chaos to global trade ...

BYD Atto3 EV> 400k order backlog

EV maker BYD’s massive 400,000 “new energy vehicle” backlog
MARCH 31, 2022 ... BYD, the EV maker that plans to import the Atto 3 to Australia starting mid-July, reportedly has a bit of a problem: it has a 400,000-strong backlog of orders ... Interest in its range of electric vehicles is at an all-time high in China: it is currently taking close to 100,000 orders a month, and in February reported an 800% increase in orders from the year before. In addition to battery-electric cars (BEVs), BYD also makes lithium-ion batteries, as well as photovoltaic products, smartphones ...

Hummer EV demand has been too great> 65k reservations

GM electric Hummer ute and SUV attract huge order list
MARCH 31, 2022 ... GM has seen greater than expected demand for its marque GMC’s Hummer electric pickup truck (ute) and SUV, with more than 65,000 reservations on the books ... deliveries of the first Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 began last December from the company’s Factory Zero, its first fully dedicated EV assembly plant ... So great has the demand been, however, for both the Hummer EV Pickup and the Hummer EV SUV – reaching over 65,000 reservations between the two vehicles – that GMC is now expecting new orders for the Hummer EV Pickup will likely not be fulfilled until 2024 ...

% Comments: EV makers are dead in the water until their parts
supply is re-established. vw seems to have a non .ua resource
so their EV production can resume, albeit slowly.

Prices for everything have increased, and not just from high
consumer demand letting dealers profit by gouging customers.

And auto execs unhappy with change talk to reporters out of
both sides of their mouths (not being just EV production
focused to meet consumer demand) ...

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.ua war pushing EV prices up into overdrive

Second-hand Teslas in NZ selling for more than retail price
March 28, 2022 ... Rising petrol prices ... coupled with ... impacts of COVID-19 and a semi-conductor shortage ... resulted in car prices ... rising in New Zealand ... the ongoing war in Ukraine and its knock-on effects appear to have pushed vehicle prices into overdrive. The Tesla Model 3, New Zealand’s most popular new electric vehicle ... second-hand examples ... on the rise ... a second-hand entry-level Model 3 sold on TradeMe for $76,000; almost $2000 more than the vehicle’s $74,200 retail price ...

Tesla Cybertruck EV is sold out for 2022

Tesla is already sold out for 2022. But it's bringing the Cybertruck in 2023
Mar 28, 2022 ... The increase in demand is due to both the increase in the trend of avoiding internal combustion engines to fight climate change and the recent increase in gas prices after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ...

Tesla electric cars all sold out until 2023 in home market
MARCH 29, 2022 ... that the cheapest way to get a Model Y faster is simply to order the Model Y Performance, which as it explains, winds up being just $3,000 more expensive than the Model Y Long Range with the 20? wheels, after the recent price hikes. Not all Tesla models are experiencing such huge order backlogs, though. The Model 3 is reporting delivery for new orders taking place between July and September 2022. And, as with the Model Y, you can get the Model 3 a month faster if you add the 19” wheels for a cost of $US1,500, or if you add buy the Model 3 Long Range, which reports delivery between June and August ...

covid Halts .cn Production

Tesla Halts Giga Shanghai Production For Four Days Amid Lockdown
Mar 29, 2022 ... The factory will not build any Model 3 and Model Y EVs from March 28 through March 31 ... Tesla has extended the production pause at its plant in Shanghai to four days after the Chinese city entered a partial lockdown to fight a surge in COVID-19 cases. According to people familiar with the matter cited by Bloomberg, the factory will be closed for four working days (March 28–31), with normal schedule expected to resume April 1. Initially, production was only suspended on Monday, March 28. The decision comes after authorities in the metropolis of around 25 million people decided to lock down half the city at a time to conduct mass testing to fight a new COVID-19 outbreak that has turned it into China's biggest virus hotspot. Areas east of the Huangpu River, where the Tesla plant is located, are locked down from Monday through Thursday. However, Tesla workers may return to work when the western half of the city enters lockdown (April 1–5) ...

Tesla Extends Shanghai Plant Suspension Amid Lockdown -Internal Notice
March 31, 2022 ... SHANGHAI (Reuters) -Tesla has cancelled plans to resume production at its Shanghai factory on Friday and Saturday, an internal notice seen by Reuters showed, further delaying reopening of the manufacturing hub for its Model 3 and Model Y cars ...

carmakers hit from .cn lockdowns

Chinese lockdowns hitting carmakers
March 31, 2022 ... Slammed by the long-running chip shortage and surging materials prices, global automakers are now facing a new threat -- lockdowns in some of China's biggest cities ...

.ua War Exacerbates Supply-Chain Woes

Electric Truck Maker Rivian Says War in Ukraine Exacerbates Supply-Chain Woes
March 31, 2022 ... (Bloomberg) -- Electric-vehicle maker Rivian Automotive Inc. says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is adding to supply chain pressures and costs, becoming one of the first U.S. automakers to cite the war in Eastern Europe as a risk and headwind ...


In the race for electric cars, biofuels hold Iowans back
April 1st 2022 ... While other states like California, Washington and New York are expanding charging infrastructure, passing electric vehicle mandates and offering incentives to electric fleets, a strong biofuel-growing sector has slowed any rush in Iowa toward gasoline-free vehicles. Iowa is consistently ranked among the worst U.S. states to own or buy electric vehicles. It is also one of the states with the lowest number of electric vehicles registered and electric charging stations added during the past four years. Iowa’s electrification roadblocks have been erected by its Republican-controlled state legislature ...

increased EV searches

Searches for electric vehicles increase as gas prices skyrocket in the US
01 April, 2022 ... The Russians began the war against Ukraine and gas prices skyrocketed everywhere including USA. People began searching furiously for EVs online, displaying their desire for an alternative. The government has been working to boost infrastructure in the manufacturing of EVs. There are more than 13 manufacturers making electric vehicles in USA and there are many models hitting the market every other day, but how many are actually selling? ...

EV manufacturing bottlenecks

Electric vehicle push will ‘uplift’ chipmakers: Truist Managing Director
April 1, 2022 ... EV manufacturing bottlenecks are also presenting themselves from a battery production standpoint, as reporting suggests that President Joe Biden is considering invoking the Defense Production Act in order to ramp up production of critical EV battery materials ... such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, as well as provide key companies with funds to boost their output ... flash video

.ua War Effect on EV production

Rivian Warns of Ukraine War Effect on EV Business
April 4, 2022 ... Rivian cites conflict in Ukraine as one of the factors that will present challenges to its business in the foreseeable future, from component supply issues to the prices of raw materials. The EV maker has indicated that increases in the prices of metals including lithium, nickel, aluminum, and cobalt poses a risk to its own financial performance and ability to produce vehicles. The EV maker has attempted to introduce higher than expected prices for several vehicle trims in March, before rolling them back days later due to customer backlash ...

Rivian Warns of Ukraine War Effect on EV Business
APR 4, 2022 ... The EV maker cites hikes in prices for metals and components, as auto industry braces for increasing costs ...
Rivian cites conflict in Ukraine as one of the factors that will present challenges to its business in the foreseeable future, from component supply issues to the prices of raw materials. The EV maker has indicated that increases in the prices of metals including lithium, nickel, aluminum, and cobalt poses a risk to its own financial performance and ability to produce vehicles ...

Nations Seek EV Battery Materials

Demand for Electric Car Batteries Drives Nations to Seek Own Materials
April 13, 2022 ... Lithium-ion batteries are expected to remain the most widely used technology for EVs in the future. One of the main materials used to produce the batteries is lithium, a light metal substance. Other necessary materials include the metallic elements cobalt, manganese and nickel ...

Turning nickel into EV batteries: Indonesia wants to take its mining industry to the next level
APR 13 2022 ... To boost its economy, Indonesia wants to move away from exporting raw materials, to focus instead on developing its downstream industries ... Indonesia hopes to transform raw nickel into higher end products like lithium batteries for electric cars — a move the country’s investment board said will eventually bring economic growth ...

BMW CEO still wants ice profit$

BMW CEO warns against electric-only strategy
April 14, 2022 ... "If someone cannot buy an EV for some reason but needs a car, would you rather propose he continues to drive his old car forever? If you are not selling combustion engines anymore, someone else will," ...

VinFast .vn EVs> pricing revealed

VinFast’s electric-vehicle pricing strategy revealed at NY Auto Show
April 14, 2022 ... In U.S. the VF 8 will break down into 2 trim levels (Eco and Plus), with two-sub trim levels based on range:
Eco (260-mile range): $40,700
Eco (292-mile range): $41,000
Plus (248-mile range): $47,700
Plus (277-mile range): $48,000
It’s a similar story with the larger VF 9 SUV:
Eco (272-mile range): $55,500
Eco (369-mile range): $56,000
Plus (262-mile range): $60,500
Plus (360-mile range): $61,000 ...

.cn covid lockdown> snags EV production

Tesla Staring Down 40,000 Lost EVs Due to Shanghai Lockdown
April 14, 2022 ... Electric carmaker’s China factory closed since March 28 ... Shanghai plant assembles roughly 2,100 cars every day ... For the first time, Tesla Inc. has hit a real production snag in China. The ... Shanghai plant ... has had output suspended for almost three weeks due to city-wide lockdowns in China’s financial heart. At a run rate of about 2,100 cars a day, that’s around 39,900 units lost since the lines fell silent on March 28 ...

.ru sanctions & high inflation caused production issues

GM CEO Mary Barra talks newest electric vehicle, inflation and competition with Tesla
April 14, 2022 ... Due in part to the severe sanctions on Russia, combined with record-high inflation caused by residual economic effects from the pandemic, gas prices reached a record high in the U.S. ... flash video

F-150 e-truck Already Sold Out

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro And XLT Already Sold Out: Report
Apr 15, 2022 ... The automaker is no longer taking orders from retail customers for the cheapest 2022 F-150 Lightning trim levels ... The Ford F-150 Lightning's work-oriented Pro and mainstream XLT trim levels are reportedly sold out for the 2022 model year for retail customers, even though the electric truck is yet to reach US dealerships ...

everything is topsy-turvy

The Rise of Brand-New Secondhand EVs
APR 15, 2022 ... The global chip shortage has triggered a surge in [EV] demand ... everything is topsy-turvy. A toxic mix of pandemic-era supply shortages and inflation have spiked prices of used cars and trucks, which were up 35 percent in March compared to the same time last year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s not unusual for certain used luxury cars, like Porsches and Corvettes, to go for more than their original sticker prices ...

a process of hurry up &wait> she couldn’t find an EV to buy

Move to electric vehicles is a process of hurry up and wait
April 16, 2022 ... We must ensure that charging capacity is equitable ... Inexpensive, renewable electricity will be key ... She was ready to make move to electric vehicle. Just one problem — she couldn’t find one ...

are still exceedingly rare at the dealers

Opinion: Electric cars are in ads, but are there many on dealer lots?
APRIL 16, 2022 ... you’d think [EVs] were filling every dealer lot in every corner of California ... Even though the marketing campaigns of companies like General Motors and Volkswagen would have you believe their EV offerings are just as abundant as their gas-powered lineups, zero-emission cars are still exceedingly rare at the dealers where most of us still buy our new vehicles. As someone who has twice leased an electric car in the last five years (and neither was a Tesla), I feel confident saying that dealers still treat EV buyers as a niche market ...

Tesla EV Lease Buyouts Ends

Tesla Ends Lease Buyouts For All Vehicles Starting April 15, 2022
Apr 16, 2022 ... The company did not say why it made this decision, but it may have something to do with wanting to cash in on sky-high used car prices ... Customers who are leasing a Tesla from April 15, 2022, should know they no longer have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease contract ...

tmc still wants ice profit$

Toyota Warns About Rushing Into Electrification
April 16, 2022 ... “If we are to make dramatic progress in electrification, it will require overcoming tremendous challenges, including refueling infrastructure, battery availability, consumer acceptance, and affordability,” ...

.ua war forced to shutter vw EV factories

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess on electric cars, the war in Ukraine, and recapturing the American car market
APRIL 17, 2022 ... most immediate problem is Russia's invasion of Ukraine, just a few hours east of Volkswagen's headquarters.
Volkswagen is feeling the repercussions of the war in Europe. In March, Ukraine was forced to shutter factories that made cabling systems so essential to Volkswagen that CEO Herbert Diess had to idle several assembly-lines in Germany ... flash video

long .ca wait times for EV buyers

Electric car buyers face shortages, long wait times amid high gas prices
April 17, 2022 ... (CTV Network) — Sticker shock at the pump is driving more and more Canadians towards buying an electric vehicle. But manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with the demand, leading to long wait times for buyers ...

Electric car buyers face shortages, long wait times amid high gas prices
2022/04/16 ... Sticker shock at the pump is driving more and more Canadians towards buying an electric vehicle. But manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with the demand, leading to long wait times for buyers ... SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES PERSIST ... flash video

Automakers put the EV cart before the horse

Why A Lithium Battery Shortage May Wreck The Great EV Race
04/18/2022 ... Automakers like General Motors and Ford have wowed Wall Street with flashy EV designs, technical prowess and plans to invest tens of billions of dollars. Yet they've literally put the cart before the horse: the lithium batteries needed to power the electric vehicle revolution ...

Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers

Ford Has the Best Kind of Problem with the Mustang Mach-E
APR 18, 2022 ... Automaker faces strong demand for its electric vehicles but supply chain disruptions have a huge impact on production operations ... "Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order," ...

.cn covid lockdown forces Tesla .cn workers to sleep on floor

Tesla forces Shanghai workers to sleep on the floor
April 18, 2022 ... hands staff sleeping bags and mattresses to meet zero-Covid rules ... Tesla is forcing its workers to sleep on the floor of its Shanghai factory as Elon Musk’s carmaker restarts production in China amid a stringent Covid lockdown ... they are forced to live at the plant as part of the Communist state’s “closed-loop” lockdown regime ...

Full .us EV transition

Full US transition to electric vehicles still decades away
April 21st 2022 ... WASHINGTON (TND) — ... administration is moving the U.S. toward an all-electric vehicle future ...

Lithium shortage

How a shortage in Lithium in the market is impacting Tesla & other EVs
Apr 23, 2022 ... AUSTIN (KXAN) — There’s a lot of interest in a particular type of car at this year’s Austin Auto Show. Companies like Ford, Subaru and Kia are highlighting their electric vehicles (EVs) ... Many of the electric cars on the Austin Auto Show’s floor are already on limited availability — a Ford spokesperson said their electric F-150 has more than 100,000 orders and isn’t out yet. They’ve closed reservations for those until they can stock up on the cars ...

wait for diy EV conversion

They'll turn your gas guzzler into an EV. But be prepared to wait
April 25, 2022 ... [ice] been replaced with a Curtis C-50 Brushless electric motor and part of an 85kWh battery pack scavenged from a Tesla Model S ... people who love their cars and want to continue driving them, without worrying about the scarcity of parts for these older cars ... Car lovers like Wagner and Hawk are feeding an EV conversion boom, but there aren't enough companies to meet demand. Waiting lists are sometimes two years long ...

better to wait for custom EV pre-order you really want

Six to Eight Weeks’ Delivery Is the New Drive-It-off-the-Lot
April 25, 2022 ... Pre-orders have been around a long time for low-volume specialty vehicles prior to their launch, and lately they’ve been used to build anticipation for upcoming battery-electric models including the GMC Hummer, Cadillac Lyriq, and Ford F-150 Lightning ... the big legacy manufacturers could play both sides of the sales fence, splitting between big inventories of high-volume commodity models—such as pickup trucks and compact crossovers—while emphasizing pre-orders for premium and high-end electrics, as a mechanism to boost sales for customers who likely could wait a bit longer for the car they really want ...

.in slams EV import door on .cn made Tesla EVs

India says Tesla should not import cars from China for domestic sale
April 26, 2022 ... NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc is welcome to set up shop in India, make cars there for sale and export them, but must not import cars from China, the transport minister said ...

% Comments: EV makers are have found/created work-around/alternate-sources for their short-supply of parts,
so their EV production can resume, albeit slowly.

Prices for everything have increased, and not just from high
consumer demand. Dealers are still profit-taking by gouging customers.

Auto execs continue to whine unhappily with change talking to reporters out of both sides of their mouths ...
consumer are in for a long wait to get the EV they really want.

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