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. . . but no, not for off-roading. Bear with me a minute: if you start with a 4wd car wouldn't it be fairly easy to sever the drive shaft running front-to-back and let the internal combustion engine power just the front 2 wheels instead of all 4 (you might have to lock the front-to-back differential depending on the 4wd setup).

Then you could convert the 2 rear wheels for electric drive. You end up with a car that runs completely on electric power for as long as the batteries last and then on gasoline indefinitely until you can charge the batteries again. A DIY Chevy Volt if you will.

Ideally I'd start with an old, light, simple car with manual steering and manual brakes (so you don't need to power the hydraulics when running electric only). Something like a Honda Civic 4wd from the 80s.

Someone please tell me what's wrong with this idea before I start working on it . . . :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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