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Hello everyone

I am doing my master at a technical university for applied sciences in Switzerland. It's a Master of Science in Engineering in the are of Energy and Mobility. So photovoltaics, renewable energy, electric mobility, battery technology etc. are playing an important role in my specialization. I am not going too technical (e.g. developing new powerelectronic topologies by myself) but would love to convert my old van (T3 Syncro) into an EV and top it with solarpower on the roof for my Master's Thesis. The problem is, my advisor says it's not enough just converting it (as anyone could probably do this) and he want's to see some innovation or something new which I would be testing or proofing with my conversion. Until now I couldn't figure out anything I could investigate while converting my car.. Does any of you have a suggestion of what I could test / try / proof while converting my old van into an EV? Most things I am thinking about just seem to be existing already! What could I do to convince my advisor? :)

All suggestions are welcome. Please don't judge me for not being innovative enough myself and asking for some hints. I am just starting my masters now after having done a grad in environmental engineering. I think converting my own car would teach me more about electric vehicles I could ever learn while studying electric engineering!

best regards from Switzerland!

ex-firefighter T3 Syncro (double diff-lock)
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