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Wicom Data Collection Module of the Energy Management System
DCM of the B series energy management system is connected to the battery pack. It is attached with the temperature sensorseach DCM has two or more temperature sensors to detect the temperature of the battery. Usually a whole set of EMS needs several DCMs. We adopt the T-shape connection method between modules. The number of the single cell voltage monitored varies from 5 to 16 with the difference of the cell numbers in the battery pack.DCM needs to be provided with the outer power source of 12V (9V~18V) to activate, so that it can work to detect such information as the voltage of the battery and temperature of the battery pack, and then transmit these information to CCM through the Serial Communication Bus.

DCM of the N series EMS has the following features:
1. Single cell voltage detection: realize real-time single voltage detection through isolating and magnifying the single cell voltage. The voltage detection range is 0~5V, and the accuracy of detection is±5mV.
2. Temperature detection: we locate several temperature detectors in the battery box (2-8 temperature sensors) to realize the real-time temperature detection. Range of detection: -40~125℃accuracy of detection:±1℃
3. RS485 communication or CAN BUS communication: transmit such information as the voltage and temperature of the battery pack to the Central Control Module through the RS485 or CAN BUS of the Data Collection Module.
4. Equalization function: the equalization function is practiced according to the concerted equalization management and control strategy. This can raise the conformity of single cell and improve the function of the whole battery pack as well. At the same time, we optimized the control algorithm; we can at most open 3 equalizers.

Technical specifications:

Technical specifications
Accuracy of single cell voltage detection
Accuracy or total voltage detection
Accuracy of current detection
Equalized current
Accuracy of insulating résistance detection
Accuracy of temperature detection
Operation power input
12V or24V
Operation temperature
Storage temperature



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