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Will this 10Kw motor enough for my car?

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Hi all

I just got this motor and controller and wonder if it will be enough to convert my wife´s renault clio to Ev.

Motor is a 72V, 10kw, 26Nm rated

car is about 2,183 lb, plus ICE and transmission on this cars are real cr4p

still need to find the controller guide, but that will happen.

thanks in advance for your help.
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The Renault Twizy weighs about 1000lb and has a 13kw induction motor. 0-30mph in 8.5secs, top speed 50mph, range about 50 miles on 6kWh.

The Renault Zoe weighs about 3300lb and has a 66kw motor, 0-62mph in 13.5secs. Range about 120mi on 37kw.

A 10kw motor will move your Clio, but the performance might be quite disappointing.
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