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Are these ebay batteries any good?
I think no. I believe you were considering a 1000W motor kit for your upgrade. 1000W / 36V = 27.7A. I don't know how Chinese vendors rate those things - if 1000W is peak, then this battery is barely enough. If that's continuous, then this is definitely not enough. I would look for something that offers at least 40A continuous discharge and some 60A peak. And you don't want to combine two of these - if one fails, the failure will cascade to the second.

I have a similar 48v motor combined with a controller rated for 72V in operation on a 60V battery in a little ATV. It's normal for it to pull 20-25A on flat ground (offroad), and peak to 50A going uphill.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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