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You can't find a charger using a NEMA 10-50 plug because that type of connection is obsolete (officially "deprecated"). You can still by adapters, but no one should install a 10-50 receptacle anywhere.

The NEMA 10 series connectors do not have a ground pin. That makes them unsuitable and likely unsafe with almost any equipment that you might want to plug into them. That's why they're deprecated.

Why not just install a proper grounded 30-amp 250 V receptacle, and plug into that? A NEMA L6-30 (locking) or 6-30 (non-locking) would be suitable. The plug on the charger cord could be changed, or an adapter used if you can find one.

You could also just install the NEMA 14-50 that the charger is designed for; although a 50-amp receptacle on a 30-amp circuit doesn't seem like a good idea to me, it is routine and is the intended installation of the charger.

The Grizzl-E Avalanche manual says that a ground connection is required, which you can't get from that 10-50 connector. You can hardwire the charger (connect it directly, without using the plug-in cord) if you include the ground connection or you can switch to a properly wired receptacle with a ground pin. If there is no ground wire available at the receptacle so you can't install a suitable receptacle, and you are willing to run the charger without a ground connection (I wouldn't), then the linked adapter would work... but please don't try that.
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