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I have a 240V circuit on a 30A fuse with a NEMA 10-50 receptacle. My Kia Niro can draw 30amps.
1. Can I use a 30amp EV charger or do I need a 24amp charger?
2. I can't find a 24amp charger that has a 10-50 style plug. Is it safe to use an adapter to turn 10-50 into 14-50 style plug?

These are the products I'm looking at. Is this safe? Is there a better way to do this?
I would be curious as to why there is a 10-50 receptacle (can handle 50 amps) on with a 30 amp fuse. What can the wiring handle, 30 or 50? Might be it's wired to 50 amps but is fused at 30 to protect an appliance. Or the wire might only handle 30.

If it's wired for 30 amps, you want 24 amps continuous (80% of max). The big thing is to draw less than the wires can handle (before they make a lot of heat) and to have fuses or circuit breakers sized appropriately to protect the wire and appliances.

If you're not sure what you have, calling an electrician might be a wise choice. With the price of an EVSE ("charging" cable) I would want to figure that out in before choosing the amperage rating.

The adapter will probably work, but I wouldn't use one as my permanent solution, and I wouldn't want to charge at 24 amp if I could charge at 30 (wiring dependent).
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