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Wish list for EV AC motor

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Hi. Help me put together a list of parameters for a practical EV motor. Notice I didn't say "ideal" or "dream" motor but something that could be used for a typical EV conversion and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I have a list of motor rewinders I plan to contact with these params to see if they can make 'em.

- ACIM 3 phase, 4 pole
- 100VDC nominal voltage, up to about 250V
- 40kW sustained, >80kW peak
- Class H insulation
- Vector/Inverter class
- Insulated bearings
- Shielded stator
- 6000 RPM max speed
- Peak torque at ~3000 RPM
- About 9" diameter x <17" length
- Dual shaft
- C-Face/base mount
- Inexpensive, rebuilt/rewound

I'm almost describing an HPEV AC50 motor, aren't I? hmm...

Keep me honest with these and add/remove as you see fit.

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- 40kW sustained, >80kW peak

I'm almost describing an HPEV AC50 motor, aren't I? hmm…

Except the AC50 is more like 38kw max (50 hp), and much lower sustained.

Correct, "almost". Though I believe that with it's 200V max rating, the AC50 is capable of much more and it is now limited to what the Curtis controller can dish out. Something like 200V @ 400A would make the AC50 hum.

Assuming a motor shop can rebuild an old motor to these specs, we might be able to get something similar but cheaper than the AC50. Or maybe I'm dreaming.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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