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Wolfswagen '69 Baja Bug Project

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On July 1st, 2012, I started my latest (and first EV) project. The donor is a 1969 VW Beetle we've owned since 2001, but it's been in storage since 2003. The body is in great shape, and it even has the factory floorpans still. The car was stripped to just a shell before putting it in storage, so getting the body off the pan was easy. The pictures show where I am in the process, and I plan to add more photos each week.

Although there are a great number of EV kits out there, I've decided to piece this car's conversion together from different sources. If all goes well, I should have this car on the road by Thanksgiving.


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The Baja has accumulated roughly 3,000 miles since the conversion, and it has been a fun and interesting journey! This spring (2016), however, I intend to add a BMS because of some issues I've had with winter storage. Every year I have had to re-balance the battery pack manually. This probably isn't an issue in the southern climates where the car can be driven all 12 months. I'm also looking into upgrading to J1772, adding disc brakes to the rear, and lifting the back a few inches.
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