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Hi everyone,

I am an EV enthusiast from Sardinia (Italy), my car is a Fiat Seicento Elettra converted to LiFePo4. Unfortunately here electric mobility is almost absent, there is just one charging station in a small town of 70.000 inhabitants and a few operative Evs.

I would like very much to work into the Electric Mobility sector, such as vehicle retrofit, electric cars maintenance, charging station implating, and everything related to it. In your opinion, what should be a place in the European Union where I have more chances to do that?

At the moment, the most interesting countries are England, with a lot of retrofitted vehicles, and Norway, with the largest EV ownership per capita in the world. Would someone recommend me other countries?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.


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Hi Stefano,

Just saw your question.

You could also have a look around Germany, France, Spain and Holland as well.
Most diy builds are indeed in Great Britain, but more smaller company's are working in this field in Germany and Holland on developing part of new technological solutions.

Not to mention the bigger one's like BMW or Peugeot in Germany and France.
I would strongly suggestie to go to Germany if you want to work at an engineering job.
Or come to Holland, Denmark or Norway if you want to implement infrastructure.

Kind regards,

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