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Working on a 1989 Classic Mini EV Conversion

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Hello Everyone,

Starting work on my 1989 Mini. Thinking of keeping the original gearbox and mounting a Hyper9 motor directly on top of it. Using SilentSync sprockets and belt as a drive system. Have something similar to ´s conversion in mind. But interested in using the Hyper9 9 and some Tesla modules from the get go.

Also considering the EV Europe system:

I have no advance knowledge in EV conversions so I want to keep everything as simple as possible for this one.

Interested in getting some feedback from you guys who are the experts. Let me know your thoughts.

Am I in the right path or is this combo I have in mind a not so good Idea.

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Nice to see another mini conversion
I have the same issue with the batteries, I still think the Zoe batteries will be easier to fit in but I too am trying to keep the rear seat. The main issue now is intrusion into the rear foot space as seen in your photos.
You can see some of my battery ideas on my Instagram page mini_life_crisis1996

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