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Working with Elcon on Charger Reprogram

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Hey, folks. Has anyone had trouble working with Elcon in CA recently? After exchanging some emails, they said they could reprogram my charger for me, so I shipped it and it was signed for last Tuesday. 2-3 day turn around they said. I'm still waiting, and they told me it's not even programmed yet. Is this typical, or should I be concerned?
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@pdove and others,

I have a PFC2500 that was for flooded batteries and I am trying to use it on. 32s li-ion battery made from chevy volt cells. I don't understand the charge curve chart attached. Can I use the charger as is and just rely on the BMS to stop at 134.4 volts or does this charger need reprogrammed?
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Any input is helpful.

Edit: I also have a zivan NG3 and will look into what you guys mentioned about adjusting the pot.
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The software has variables that can be changed with the external push button. Usually they will contain several AH and number of cell combinations. This one looks a little different showing Ah and current endpoint combinations. Looks like they are all 72 cells. Lead acid cells are nominal 2v and max 2.1v. so 72 cells is 151.2 volts. Yes you should be able to control the enable function of the charger to turn it on and off if the voltage is enough for your application. here is a document that explains your algorithm.
Thanks for the quick response! I am thinking I will use the zivan because of the ease of changing settings but I thought it is worth asking how would I control the enable on the elcon? Has that been discussed somewhere already? And so with my charge curve selection, all I am changing would be current output correct?
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