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World's Largest 3D Printer

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We would like to inform you that our company recently launched large-scale 3D printing services through Indiegogo. We have developed the large-scale 3D printing platform and corresponding software since 2018. Please have a chance to check our current Indiegogo campaign from here:
GIGA 3D Printer
We also provide consultancy services for your CAD data to reduce product development time and costs. Four team members (3 PhDs and 1 MS) are currently working together to advance additive manufacturing research. We can definitely help you to:

1) Large-scale 3D printing services.
2) Optimal design of 3D printed products.
3) Analytic certification of 3D printed products.
If you have any questions about our service, feel free to contact us. We can set up a remote meeting for you. Appreciate your response and comments.

Best regards,
TetraCells Inc.
Atlanta, GA, USA
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"The project team has not yet produced a working demo for their concept. Their ability to successfully produce a prototype may be affected by product development or financial challenges"

Shipping PowerPoint in volume since 2018?

Come back when you have money & more than a rendering of this "printer"....the resin for a vat the size of the build volume you brag about will likely cost 6 figures and will have a short shelf life. Guess who pays for that "tooling" cost?

If your layer thickness is 100 microns, how many months will it take to build a meter-scale piece (assuming it doesn't fall off the build plate due to scaling LAWS)?

How much optical power is needed to cure the resin over such a large area? Enough to toast the DLP?

Then there's vibration issues - stabilizing a pool of resin that size. Having a build plate that big that needs to be absolutely flat to tens of microns. And temperature stabilized.

Such is a product that is crippled by an excess of PhDs on the effort. Likely grad students who never had a real job in industry under an experienced engineering mentor. Total loss of reality. Including who you are marketing this IDEA to.

You posted here, so you got my take on it. You're welcome to defend your thesis, lol...

Dream big, but you gotta wake up to make it real.

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Doubt it's a bot...seems more like company death throes

^^ that's supposedly lifting it out when done.

Problem is, it can't be imaged at each layer until the tank waves settle. It's the WRONG way to do a big resin print.
I also agree with you too, I have never seen anything like this anywhere. I have seen a 3-in-1 Type 3d-printer, Dual extruder 3d printer. I listen modix is the biggest 3D printer. But this one, I have never heard of this.
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