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Would this work?

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I've recently acquired an unfinished kit car project that i'm hoping to complete using EV components.

The car is RWD and i was hoping to either just use direct drive or get a gear reducer of some sort. I'm looking for a pretty decent power output.

I was thinking of using the following components but i want to check with some people that have more knowledge to see if this system would actually work.

Motor - Netgain Warp 11HV or Kostov K13 Direct Drive

Controller - Soliton 1

Batteries - 72x Sinopoly 200AH LiFePO4 3C in series - 230.4Vx200AH=46Kwh

Charger - Eltek 67.120.0 150-260V 10 Amp

BMS - Orion 72 Cell 1000A

Car should way about 1200kg and is somewhat aerodynamic, I'm hoping to get plus 100mph and a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds with a range above 130 miles.

Would this work as i expect or have i over-calculated the performance such components would give.

Thanks for any help.

Edit - Am i correct in thinking that because the batteries are 3C and 200AH they will produce 600A which multiplies with the voltage to give power output? 600A*230.4V = 138.24KW
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I have already answered this question for you
Are you a "bot"?

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I think zanbay just didn't like the answer in Would this setup work?. :rolleyes: Maybe the idea was to ask in another sub-forum, but the way to do that would be to ask for the thread to be moved, not to just copy the initial post into a new thread.
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