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I'm sure in a year you will learn a lot and have all the details of your conversion worked out. I'm also in Canada (Calgary) and I'm looking forward to the benifits of an EV in the winter, quicker heat, no warm up time, etc. I will probably be heating my battery boxes, to decrease the cold weather impact on range.

Like PatricioIN mentioned I would take a closer look at AC vs DC again. The efficiency gains of the AC system are small, and a higher voltage DC system would be pretty close while giving you better performance for less money.

I think a 9" motor and the soliton jr would make a pretty sweet commuter. CALB cells seem pretty hard to get up in Canada (atleast I couldn't find any) however Randy at has Thunder Sky cells at very very good prices.

There are lots of great/brilliant/experienced people here so read/ask as much as possible and your conversion should go well.

As for the "haters" on MX-3 or other forums, just ignore them, and/or prove them wrong. There are some people very strongly against my Porsche 944 conversion, it's like I'm hurting the reputation of their favorite car.
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