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Go for it. I love the mx3 and think it would make a great EV! Especially with Lithium batts as they would take up less space. You might want to do more looking at ac/dc again. The more and more I look at it, I just don't see the real advantage to AC when you consider the added cost and complexity - but JUST my opinion. You could do a 144volt dc mx3 conversion with 130Ah cells and probably have a 60-70 mile range. Even in very cold weather that might drop as much as 20% with lithium, but still be well within your range requirements. Or you could do a simple battery box insulation and heat combo to maintain most of your cold weather range.

Warp 9 (or impulse 9)
Curtis 1231 (or Soliton Jr. when available)
130Ah CALB lithium batts

Great conversion!
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