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Your opinion on the Foreign Policy Debate...

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Well I have had great bosses and not so great bosses and I have ab solutely nothing
Against bosses but when you have a guy who has made his fortune not by building a business from the ground up but rather inheriting it from the top and letting the bad news roll downhill, guess what...that guy/girl is a douchebag.
What a sad and twisted view of people you have. I have been an employer, and I can tell you that the two things I hated doing most were firing people and trying to replace people we lost. I WANTED people to succeed, and would even try to find other things for them to do than what I hired them for if I could find something they could be useful at. Two wonderful black ladies I inherited at one work site had been pushed into roles they simply weren't prepared for, and my boss was about to fire them when I came on. I re-oriented them to different tasks, they were then both happy and successful and kept in touch with me for years afterwards.

If you think of owners and bosses as "douchbags" then that attitude will eventually show through - and a boss has not only a right but a duty to get rid of folks with bad attitudes that poison the work environment.