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I am building a small Powerwall and looking to use EV batteries - Yuasa LEV50 or LEV40. I have done a bit of research and these seem good for what i want. I found this website who sell them. Has anyone used them? Are their product and prices any good?*
I would be very cautious about buying from that site, it is completely devoid of any contact/address information other than the rather retro "contact us" form - but they appear to have a functional cart system, so would be happy to take your money.

Their testing methodology leaves a lot to be desired in that they only capacity test a sample (yet state elsewhere that the remaining capacity will be at a minimum of 85%)

They appear to be associating themselves with the Fully Charged 2019 expo - I suspect they are simply visiting that event on Friday - they are not exhibiting.

Given the condition of the Fluke shown on the testing page I suspect this site is the work of an individual, or small traditional garage or vehicle breaker who have come across a scraped EV and wish to sell the battery.

But these are good cells, assuming the usable capacity and price suits your application.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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