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Shipment of parts arrived on November of 2018! Well, all except the motor mount and adapter plate which are key to really starting the process. There are also items like the battery management system, DC converter (12v power supply), and heater that still need to be purchased, but I think this can be considered the true start of the project!
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Unpacked. Recovered Tesla S batteries to the left and center. 5.3 kWh and 22v each. Motor is in the box and is a Netgain Hyper 9 ACX1 (88kW) which is a new model for them. AC allows for more power from a smaller motor and regenerative braking which helps with hills we have around here. The orange roll of cable on the right is 2/0 gage to hook it all together. The rest is fuses, contactors, controller, and misc fittings.
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