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Hello everyone, new here. I had a quick question about what i believe to be a zapi programmer. My boss had ordered a few things for some of our equipment in the plant and they ended up shipping him 3 of these by mistake. He had no clue what they were and neither did i, he knew i liked messing with electronics though and gave me one. My real question here is just an all inclusive what is this and what does it do lol.

Here is the controller:

Any info on this thing will be greatly appreciated. Also if this is in the wrong section, sorry about that.

If it is a zapi programmer then it is useful for setting parameters on most of the Zapi Controllers. Just plug it into a Zapi controller that has power and make the changes. For custom applications it is a very handy too. If it is Zapi it is for Zapi only. I could have used one last year before I sold my Controller because I did not have one of these.

Pete :)
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