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Zenn 2.2

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2008 ZENN(Beneteau MC2 in Europe) 2.2 (2) passenger Micro-Car w/ 96vac current motor, Webasto sunroof, Air Conditioning. In excellent condition. Approx. 15,000 miles from new. Up graded wheels, transaxle, speed to 35mph from original 25mph. Small left front bumper crunch(repaired).
Asking $2,500 for ZENN YES factory new parts are available from a dealer in Michigan. I have a complete Factory Service Manual for this car.
Also have for sale together/seperate: 23 Voltronix 260ah prismatic cells($2,500), FLUX BMS board, and potentially gears for transaxle up grade from 8.xx/1 to 10/xx/1. With the new cells and trans upgrade it should achieve 60mph and get a range of at least 100 miles.
I recently had serious back surgery and cannot complete the project. $4,500 for ALL.
Contact: Matt G @ [email protected] or call 727.430.6896
Located in St Petersburg Florida


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PLEASE HELP ! I NEED A PIC OF THE FRONT TWO BATTERIES ON MY 2009 ZENN. It is different from my shop manual. There are TWO wire ( smaller gauge) that appears to hook up to battery # 5 negative. I don't want to chance it. I just hear a click with NO other power to anything with them disconnected. PLEASE PLEASE HELP !
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