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efficiency of eaton hydraulic and AC55 ev motors:

i agree with Phantom and JR: all should be put in perspective:
efficiency of hydraulic drivetrain itself can be high (50hp hydraulic motor you can hold in your hand) - all the matter of fortune spend on design and components:
homeowner ztr cost $2-3k, industrial -$12-15,000;
ztr pump -$600; skid-steer pump-$6000
yes, 28hp lawnmower - engine, 4 wheels, seat, 2 pumps, wheelmotors and blades cost same as small car... : )))) and it eats fuel a day more than car in a week... (~10 gal)... OEMs going bigger and bigger, more heavier duty
highly efficient or not - obviously something should be done ...


1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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