A while back I made a bunch of BMS24 units for a project that has to monitor a ton of parallel groups (576 cells!). I ended up selling the battery pack and dropped it to 96 cells pack so I have a ton of extra BMS units left over. Since they are based on the hard-to-find LTC6802 IC I hand-calibrated voltages and assembled them using a fluke as a reference. Different die revisions of the LTC BMS ic cause slight drifts to the voltage sense stored in registers! I don't have thermistors to test the temp sensing but I assume that it would work perfectly with the recommended sensors as per the user manual as I didn't change anything about that side of the board.

I 3D printed the enclosures using high temp ABS

I conformal coated the LTC ic to keep ingress from shorting the tiny leads together but these are NOT waterproof!

Even though I calibrated and tested every single unit. due to the safety nature of a BMS its UP TO THE USER to properly install the unit - for this reason, I can't provide any sort of warranty or support

I changed the layout and schematics to use parts that are easier/possible to source but the functionality is the exact same.

I have a total of 20x units for sale. If you are interested in more than a few (4 units) I would be happy to entertain offers.

They come with the terminal-style connectors shown in the pictures

Looking for $250 each BMS24 Unit.

I am still working on sourcing parts for EVMS V3s but I plan on selling some later.