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ZF 8 speed hybrid gearbox BMW330e

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I have a hybrid gearbox from a BMW 330e. I am looking for the information to operate the motor from an industrial inverter.
Is there anybody out there who knows what the correct volts/ Hz ratio is?
Also looking for the Can bus code for this if anybody can help me out?


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Here's the most detailed description that I found in a quick search:
BMW Plug-in hybrid 330e technical drive train details
It doesn't detail the transmission itself, because it is a normal ZF HP8, except that instead of a torque converter it has a mechanical clutch (called a "decoupler" in the article, and located inside the rotor) and the hybrid system motor.

Of course that doesn't help Andrew with the specs that he needs.

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Thanks yes I have seen that before.

I do have the BMW software where I can get the information on the wireing diagrams etc. There is a lot of info there.

I did have a fault on my inverter (one phase down) which I have now repaired. So when I get the chance I will try again. I think the phase loss may have made it harder for me to get good results.

This video gives you a good idea of the construction of the motor section.
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