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Hello Sirs,

so far I have here little new project of new electric car for offroading. ( in past I have made cca 2x similar projects but under 3kw of power, PMSM golden motor and some DC pernament magnet motors, all china)

the idea was to use direct drive and two motors, (front and rear)
I have studied this forum and history of question and asnwers. So far I am quite happy what I have learned here, Thank you!

I am gona to order 2 x motors from china.
96V (I am considering use it in 250V system)
2800RPM max:mad:
IGBT controler 600-1200A / 600V / 33Khz PMW, (currently designing this, waiting for some parts)

those motors I will be modified in local manufacure and repair shop of DC motors.

our target is to allow motor to survive speeds close to 7000RPM.
I asked China supplier to give me internal parts drawing and 3D to support desing changes of those motors, however nothing can be released. I download some old drawings from guys from Australia,, but anyway not good details.

now is the question, (even you dont have full datails of motor same like me)

What we should change in those motors to put it to EV range. ?
currently there this specific tasks in idea

a) deassembly and check
b) change bearings
c) dynamic balance motor for those speeds
d) advancing motor by holder shift or turn (as dont have desing, we dont know if even back cover will be designed. )

anything specific to be added?

it is realy bad idea?

Thank you for all comments.

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