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Zilla Errror Message 1122 - Controller Desat Error

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I returned to working on my converted pickup truck after retiring and had it running and inspected after replacing the 144 VDC lead acid pack with Leaf modules, installing an elithion BMS system and uprading the DC/DC converter to handle the higher voltage from the paralled 200 VDC Leaf battery packs (24 modules in each pack). Recently I could not get the motor to spin up and tracked the problem to a fused main contactor ( Kilovac EV200) and replaced both the safety and main contactor with Gigavac GV200-MA contactors, including the Otmar required bidirectional zener diode on the 12 volt leads.
The sequence shown when starting while monitoring controller messages is 1311,1312,1314 (normal so far) but as soon as I touch the throttle pedal the main contactor shuts off and I get 1122 - Controller Desat Error (which from reading this thread is not good: [EVDL] Zilla Desat error). The error log history is as follows: 1124-Main Contactor Stuck On, 1141-Main Contactor High Resistance, 1133 Lost Communication With Contactor (these three are likely from the replaced fused contactor situation), 1122-Controller Desat Error, and 1231 Propulsion Pack Open, No Contactor Drop, and Contactor Is Not Responding. With the Anderson connector for pack input disconnected and the keyswitch off both contactors read 7-8 Mohms across the high voltage studs and the error LED on the Hairball is on. Before I think about pulling the Hairball and controller and sending them to be checked, does anyone have any insights or suggestions? Are the input lead diodes still needed on contactors with internal economizer circuits? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

John Nicholson

Update: Sent it to Rich Rudman at Manzanita Micro and he determined the gate driver circuit had failed and fixedit. Reinstalled it and the vehicle is running again.