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zilla keeps dropping out, 12v sags too much

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ok so im having a weird issue ever since i got the car going again with the impulse9..
the car ran for a week without a battery (the wire fell out and i didnt know) and kept cutting out whenever id plant the foot too much (due to 12v sag)
i have a 30a chennic dc converter.
whenever i press the pedal the voltage sags right down, iv seen go as low as 10.9 :O !!!!
why the hell is it doing some so annoying? it doesnt seem to be speed related or amp draw related, just pedal position related.
when the car is on, it sits at about 13-13.2 when not moving which is a little lower than where it used to sit.
now i have the 12v battery out of the 4wd sitting on the passenger floor connected to it and it is still doing it !!!!
what the hell man?
why do these do this?
and it goes absolutely bananas when i put the headlights on.
anyone got any ideas?
i normally have a 7ah 12v battery and it ran for years with no problems...