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The current setup only provides you with about 50 horsepower, perhaps less if the rather high low battery voltage limit is not even allowing you 300 amps. I would set the LBV to 125 volts. Personally, I would turn the peak amps up to 500 if you have newer (LiFeYPO4) cells and rigid end plates tightly clamping the ends of each row of cells (like TS shipped them with.) I turned my amps up to 5C, in my case to 300 amps on my 60 amp hour cells. This is controversial on this list, but seems to fall within the current published specs.

Volts times amps divided by 746 is horsepower. Actually, you have a little less than that because you have to take motor efficiency into account (around 80% is likely, it will be less than peak efficiency at max power.) That is how I'm coming up with about 50 horsepower for your vehicle.

When you run out of power in one gear it is time to shift up to the next taller gear. This will happen at a lower rpm with the 9 inch motor compared to the gas engine it replaced. For strong acceleration you will likely be shifting around 4000 rpm.
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