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Zilla LV Settings

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I have got my Opel up and running but it doesn't seem to be giving the performance I was expecting. I thought I would post my specs and settings here so other Zilla owners might give me some feedback.

Batteries 100ah Thunder Sky 48x.
Warp 9 Motor
Zilla 1K LV Controller

Zilla 1k settings:

Battery Menu
BA = 300
LBV = 145
LBVI = 150

Motor Menu
Amp = 800
Volt = 156
RA = 0
RV = 0
PA = 0
PV = 0

Speed Menu
Rev Limits
Norm = 5000
Rev = 0
Max = 5500

Options Menu
MotSpd1 = on
MotSpd2 = off
AutoShift = off
StallDetect = off
Batt lt polarity = off
Ck eng lt pol. = off
FR Contactors = off
SP Contatctors = off
Parallel Reverse = off
Drag Race = off
Amps on Tach = off
6 Cyl Tach = off
Plug in Polarity = off
HEPI = on
Z1K Scaling = on

Did I over look any setting(s)?

Thanks, Charlie
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After having the car running properly for a while now, what are some of the real world performance results? i have the same controler as you do and i also have a 9in motor. my car isn't on the road yet but i do plan on going with thundersky batteries. just curious whta your range is like? also are you using a BMS of some sort? if so what kind/brand?
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