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Zilla LV Settings

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I have got my Opel up and running but it doesn't seem to be giving the performance I was expecting. I thought I would post my specs and settings here so other Zilla owners might give me some feedback.

Batteries 100ah Thunder Sky 48x.
Warp 9 Motor
Zilla 1K LV Controller

Zilla 1k settings:

Battery Menu
BA = 300
LBV = 145
LBVI = 150

Motor Menu
Amp = 800
Volt = 156
RA = 0
RV = 0
PA = 0
PV = 0

Speed Menu
Rev Limits
Norm = 5000
Rev = 0
Max = 5500

Options Menu
MotSpd1 = on
MotSpd2 = off
AutoShift = off
StallDetect = off
Batt lt polarity = off
Ck eng lt pol. = off
FR Contactors = off
SP Contatctors = off
Parallel Reverse = off
Drag Race = off
Amps on Tach = off
6 Cyl Tach = off
Plug in Polarity = off
HEPI = on
Z1K Scaling = on

Did I over look any setting(s)?

Thanks, Charlie
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I'm not a Zilla expert, but your LBV and LBVI is way too high.
Its perfectly normal for TS cells to sag to 2.8V-2.9V during most of the cycle and even to 2.6V towards the end.

I would set LBV to 128V and LBVI to 134V.

There is no point in setting motor voltage limit since you can't overvolt the motor with your pack. You might be setting unwanted artificial limit in the software. I would set it to something fake like 200V or whatever.

Same with motor amps, if your battery amps are limited, then IMHO limiting motor amps is not very useful. As a test, I would set it to 1000 and see if there is a difference.

Hope this helps
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