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Hi, bit late to the party:

The covered knob is a selector for charge profiles. Not quite sure which is which. Depends on your model.

By the looks of it you do have an "Pb Acid" version - which does come with a CC/CV profile if I'm correct.
If you've got the basic setup like on the sticker, it will overcharge your batteries till close to 198v and then keeps pumping 2A indefinitely - so basically very bad.


Based on those - I'd say make sure you find the CC/CV profile "IUo" (not sure which on the the dial - please read above) - then get some logic (BMS, Shunt) that, once current during CV phase reaches C/20 or 5% of the Ah - it cuts off the charging. There is a 'start stop' connection just above the control board. Not sure how that works, but you can stop the charger that way.

Also, you can get the charger programmed by Zivan for a fee. Might be a good option too.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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