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Zivan or Elcon Charger for 36 cells (115.2v)

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Hi, I'm looking at either a zivan NG3 or an Elcon HF/PFC 3000 charger, but want to know if they can be set to do a non 'standard' voltage pack. My reason is... I have the perfect space for a 36 cell pack (as a single pack) but will have to split the pack into two (front and rear of car) to make a 38 cell pack. Can you adjust the Zivan and Elcon chargers to do 115.2v rather than 120v?
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Indeed not, as both my business premises and home are powered by large off grid installations, and not the Mains. but you were not to know this.

There is a rather pernicious tendency in Australia for the way that regulation is applied to cross the line from Normative to Positivist regulation.

Normative regulations serve the laudable function of protecting the public from goods of poor quality or unsafe design. Positivist regulation is the type actively sought by the business itself, primarily for the purpose of presenting a barrier to market entry by new competitors, by virtue of the deterrent that expensive, one-of certification/compliance assessments provide.

Fortunately, I am in the position of not having sold any of these units yet, and you have done me the favour of showing me that there is yet a little more compliance that needs addressing. That said, I find it a little disingenuous to fail to mention that you are in the business of re-badging Elcon chargers yourself.


Elcon are one of five charger manufacturers we use for our projects. We carry out electronic and electrical installations and perform modifications to power supplies, chargers, battery management systems etc. to suit customers requirements. To do this we are licensed electrical contractors and hold electrical contractors and electrical supervisors licenses. In addition our company holds an authorized C-tick suppliers number.

Our license/approval authority numbers can be found on our website here-

Chargers supplied by us are covered by our C-tick approval number. If you buy a charger (as an individual) and do not hold a company C-tick approval number then you are not covered by the C-tick logo. As I stated previously the C-tick logo alone is meaningless unless the approval number is also listed. This is the rules set down by the government.
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