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zivan problem 230 vs 110 input

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Hey guys I’m in a little bit of a pickle. I bought a zivan NG3 charger second hand that was configured for my 120 volt pack pb and wired 230 volt input. My problem is that I have access to a 110 volt charging station at work. According to the service folks at zivan, the ng3 is 230v or 110 v input only and not interchangeable. Any thoughts as to how I can adapt/ use this charger at a 110 volt station. My thoughts are to buy a 110-220 volt converter and use this at the 110 station, and use my 230 volts at home. The problem is that it’s input would suck 40 amps on a 110 line and I can’t imagine any public charging station that is going to provide that kind of current. I think I will probably have to 1. Return the unit to zivan and accept their credit and buy a 110 unit, or 2. Buy another 110 volt unit wire it next to the 230 unit, and have the ability to use either one for in the field charging……………….. input/ ideas? (No pun intended).
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Reckon your better off buying a 110v version. However, if you can manage to find a 110-230v transformer (we do have the opposite here in the UK), then you could turn the output current of the Zivan down so it draws less juice from the mains..
Lou, I got a Zivan NG3 at 230V Input / 136,8V Output to charge my 120V battery pack.
It gives a current of 13,3A out and takes about 8A on the input side.
If you use it at 110V in, there should be not more than ~18A current I guess ... not 40Amps.
Perhaps someone who uses the charger in US could confirm what I assumed.
Ask Dimitri, he got one too, I think.
I had same problem on a 144V dc Pb system with a 240VAC NG3.

I added 3 x 8A 48v Pb in series scooter battery chargers for 'opportunty charing' at work.
Each of scooter chargers drew about 3 A AC, so the combined draw was under 10A AC. I got topped off after 4-6 hours at work.
There are a few chargers that accept 120 through 240VAC. I bought a 2kW Elcon for exactly this purpose. It may not be as efficient or reliable as the Zivan, but I've got absolutely no complaints yet.
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