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Zotye 5008 EV (Luis 4U) Build/Repair thread

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This thread will be used to document as much as possible about this Zotye 5008 EV because there is not a lot of information to be found online.

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It is also known as a 2008 (older), T200 (newer) or Nomad.

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The car is a Daihatsu Terios which was converted by Zotye.
It's not really a DIY conversion but rather a factory conversion, I hope it's allright to post here.
The repairs and modifications are DIY though.

The car has parts that were bought from different suppliers rather than new OEM designed parts.
The only part that I've been able to find any info on is the 1.5Kw charger which is made by TC Charger.
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The info on other parts like the head unit (which runs on Windows CE 6.0), BMSs, motor controller and other stuff like the contactors have yet to be found.

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I bought it for cheap with subsidy in the beginning of this year and the car's head unit said that there was a cell that was low voltage.
Seller said that "it was a BMS error on pcb level" but that he had a local electronics guy look at it and that guy said that "he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary". Both of these things made me suspect that there were dead cells.

Because of the maximum attachments per post I will continue on the next one.
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The tires that were on the car were the original tires which after 11 years were super hard and offered almost no grip.
When I got new tires the center caps got damaged and I lost another on the way home.

So, I made some new ones! copied the original and even made a simplified version to not need the original emblem.
This way I can make all 4 wheels the same.

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If someone might ever need these files (lol):
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