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hi guys,

I'm very new to this thing, this is my first attempt at converting a bike into an electric one. I bought a hub motor 72v 8000w, along with its controller and throttle and stuff(it was a kit) and now I'm searching for a battery, I have found a couple of suppliers, I'm waiting for them to reply weather they have the battery and what price it will be. Could you guys recommend me a company that sells 72v 8000w batteries with capacity greater than 50Ah?

Also another question I have is how should I power the on board electronic(headlights, indicators etc) should I buy a dc to dc converter and use the power from the main battery? in that case could you recommend a dc to dc converter please. are there any other methods of doing this?

If you have any general tips you would like to give me i would really appreciate that.

Thanks guys for your time!
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