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Land Rover 88" Series 2A, Nissan Leaf conversion.

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Hi, I will describe my Land Rover conversion using Nissan Leaf parts from a Junk Yard in Norway. It is a 1970 Series 2A 88" SWB Land Rover.
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

It all started in Mars 2021 when I first bought the vehicle.
Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Petrol engine and gearbox working fine but the chassis were heavily corroded and I had to order a new one from the UK.

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Engine and gear box are easy to remove once the body is lifted... The gearbox wasn't clean after 50+ years...

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I had the body hanging so I could lift it up and down when I was trying out different setups for battery and drive train. This made it much easier to realize what worked and what didn't since I don't have such advanced tools as 3D scanner or CAD program, yet. I think I have lifted the body a hundred times by now!! 馃槄
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One of may trials with carbon boxes trying to figure out how much batteries I can fit under the bonnet.
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New galvanized chassis arrive from the UK.
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Hey Tor, I have the chassis modelled so if you tell me you鈥檙e configuration I can check it for you?
Hey Tor, I have the chassis modelled so if you tell me you鈥檙e configuration I can check it for you
BTW - this looks like a clean package but I鈥檓 not sure what they did with the steering relay
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Hey Tor, yeah it would be nice if you could drop everything down 10cm or so. But it looks like those cross members are not cooperating ;( and you don鈥檛 think you鈥檇 want to start modifying that new chassis. Does your new chassis have a bolt on transmission cross member? As for the LT230 I think the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages unless you want to use both motors 馃
Hey Tor, looks like you鈥檝e spent a lot of time shuffling things around. Too bad nothing seems to be ideal. What now? I did like Jens idea of using the one ton transfer case and removing all the clutch/flywheel and gears except 4th. In our case use the stock gearbox/transfer case and only run 3rd. That would give you a 7.45 final ratio? Although I still like the LT230 if it can be done cleanly馃槈
With the gearbox - couldn't you just weld or lock the diff and use one output to a transfercase/Diff and just use a stub flange on the other side to seal it. Or you that output for something else
The Leaf gear ratio is 8.2:1 and the Series 2 diff is 4.7:1 so that means your final ratio would be 38.5:1.
Even if you wanted to take it up to the max of 10,000rpm you could only get up to 24.5 mph.
Lots of torque though鈥
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